Align sales and marketing by empowering salespeople to generate high-quality leads, be their own marketers, and measure ROI.


Take the manual labor out of lead management by putting your most common marketing and sales tasks on autopilot. With automated lead qualification and nurturing, you can free up sales to focus on raising sales-pipeline velocity.

Fill the funnel with high-quality leads, thanks to a suite of powerful marketing tools built directly into Sales Cloud. Run targeted email campaigns and personalize the buyer’s journey from click to close. Automate your lead routing for faster follow-up, a shorter sales cycle, and increased lead conversion rates.

Evolve the art of measuring marketing campaigns into a science. Discover where prospects get stuck in your sales funnel, calculate your cost per lead, and tie closed deals back to the original campaign. Get flexible, out-of-the-box reporting that provides insight into what’s working and what’s not, right from the start.


Marketing and sales team up for seamless prospect interactions by creating, deploying, and managing online campaigns from a central platform.


Hit the target. See the results. You can deploy personalized campaigns in just one click and track the results.


Show the impact of your marketing activities in your sales pipeline and invest your time on the hottest leads.


Discover new Pardot Lightning components that drive innovative B2B marketing automation.

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