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Tales from the Trail

Need to speed up your sales cycle? See how PayPal is unifying its processes and systems to do just that.

Don’t go for growth blindly. Find out how PayPal is using the right digital tools to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Align teams that will result in change. Enable your sales team with the tools and trainings they need.”

Peggy Alford | SVP of Core Markets, Paypal
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Virtual sales for the win.

Adopt new ways of selling. Learn new ways to connect with your customers. Manage and motivate remote sales teams. All by leaning on Customer 360, built-in CRM insights, and collaboration best practices.
Scale Up

Stay flexible and grow beyond your goals.

Manage your entire sales motion on a single platform. Identify market shifts fast. Adapt processes with ease. Forecast sales with precision. All to drive more predictable revenue.
Speed Up

Pave new paths to revenue growth.

Maximise your revenue. Support any monetization strategy. Take friction out of the buying process. Use data models and workflows specific to your industry.

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