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Tales from the trail

Bring new products and service offers to market 20% faster.

Cisco CX took its lifecycle completely digital. Now it can connect with customers in all-new ways, thanks to Salesforce. Give customers the best end-to-end experience. Get personalized marketing journeys. Create and manage efficient opportunities. Plus, configure and quote faster than ever. All with one digital sales solution.

We call it Collaborative Intelligence – humans and machines coming together to drive this new experienece. ”

Maria Martinez | EVP and Chief Operating Officer, Cisco

Transform the buying experience

Give your customers the buying experience they want, when they want it.

Personalize every buying touchpoint. It’s easy with a complete view of every customer. Connect sales, partners, ecommerce, support, finance, and beyond.

Optimize Revenue Performance

Complete compliance, completely automated.

Streamline every transaction in your revenue lifecycle. Keep all your records up to date with intelligent automation, insights, and integration.

Launch new revenue streams

Any monetization strategy. Any industry. Any data model.

Still fumbling with outdated product catalogs and price books? Find your bearings fast with a master catalog as your guide. Plus, get flexible solutions to fit multiple revenue models. That’s how innovation can help you rev up your revenue.
One of the catalysts for Snowflake’s rapid growth is their channel partner network. Thanks to the flexibility and easy setup of Sales Cloud, they were able to transform their partner sales process in just 9 weeks, saving 1,500 hours of development time. Now, instead of manually onboarding partners, Snowflake has a completely digital process for partner sales to drive growth.

Products to Help You Speed Up Your Revenue


Revenue Cloud

Bring your revenue processes together on a single platform with Revenue Cloud. Align your sales, partners, operations, and finance teams. Deliver a consistent buying journey tailored to each customer. From quote to cash, Revenue Cloud has every team covered.

Partner Relationship Management

Simplify your channel sales process to get the best out of every partner. From onboarding to selling, manage your distributors, affiliates, resellers, and more. All in one place.

CPQ & Billing

Take your revenue to new heights. Sell and bill on one platform. Deliver success across the entire customer lifecycle. Get full visibility, from lead to retention, on the world's #1 CRM platform.


Want recurring success? Check out recurring revenue.

Learn how to speed up revenue with subscription and usage models.

Streamline every transaction in your revenue lifecycle. Keep all your records up to date with intelligent automation, insights, and integration.


Looking to scale efficiently? Tap into new markets? Meet more of your customers’ needs? This guide shows you how launching a channel can help.
Adopt a subscription business model. Give customers the products, services, and experiences they want — the way they want them.

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