Einstein Relationship Insights

Find the right relationships to have relevant conversations fast.

Automate account and contact research, visualize relationship networks, and connect with key decision makers faster.

Connect the dots faster with your AI-powered research assistant built on the world’s #1 CRM.


Close more deals with your own automated research assistant.

Automatically search the web, news, internal, and external documents in the background to discover new leads. Einstein Relationship Insights is built natively into Salesforce and seamlessly integrates into your workflows.

  • Reduce time spent identifying key individuals and networks by exploring disparate sources automatically
  • Continue using the same tools you already use every day while Einstein learns what’s important
  • Create and open Salesforce records from any webpage with the Einstein Relationships Insights browser extension

Get to know your customer.

Have more informed conversations and build better relationships faster. Unlock new network opportunities and grow with your customers.

  • Get critical context from disparate sources to reveal the most relevant information for every customer
  • Support new relationships by letting Einstein scan documents from multiple sources
  • Deliver greater value with strategic insights derived from your existing clients’ evolving network

Maximize every customer interaction.

Master meeting preparation and make the most of every encounter by leveraging your network and organizational knowledge.

  • Get a comprehensive overview of your prospects without manually searching the internet
  • Find out when you already have records on recommended relationships so you can leverage your existing network
  • Reduce the number of meetings required to move forward by quickly developing stronger relationships with targeted information

“Einstein Relationship Insights takes that history of innovation to an entirely new plane, realizing the promise of collaborative AI powered by natural language understanding.”





Empower financial and wealth advisors with automated relationship and network discovery.

Identify and engage with key executives and individuals through automated insights that can generate warm introductions to financial services clients. Relationship Insights arm advisors with critical information about their clients from web, financial, internal, and external data sources to help formulate a relevant, compelling pitch.

Establish healthy relationships with clients, clinicians, and researchers.

Discover connections and build strategic relationships faster with intelligent automation. Maximize the business impact for medical device and pharmaceutical business development professionals to provider recruitment representatives by reducing preparation time and managing CRM contacts.

Extend the value of Relationship Insights with:


Salesforce Inbox

Transform email into a powerful selling tool to:

  • Automatically capture and sync data with connected email and CRM
  • Prioritize actions with AI and leverage tools such as insert availability and send later
  • Leverage rich productivity features for email and calendar on iOS and Android

Sales Cloud Einstein

Optimize sales with decision intelligence that helps to:

  • Focus on leads most likely to convert with Lead Scoring
  • Provide predictive forecasting that improves accuracy and tracks how sales teams are performing
  • Gain visibility into your business through real-time analytics

Get the right solution for you.


Instant Insights

Unlock key relationship networks and connections with intelligent automation.
$ 50
(billed annually)

Deeper Discovery

Deeper relationship discovery for sales teams.
$ 150
(billed annually)

* This edition requires an annual contract.

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