Turn every rep into your best rep with Sales Enablement.

Train and coach your reps when and where they need it.

What's the key to increasing the speed of sales? Simple. Sales Enablement.

Sales Enablement helps sales reps onboard fast from anywhere. It also helps them manage business opportunities efficiently and improves their sales skills across the board. Learn how to adapt your sales enablement processes and help your teams speed up success from anywhere.

Onboard in the flow of work

  • Assign and recommend relevant content with Salesforce Learning Paths
  • Reduce training costs by streamlining the onboarding process
  • Decrease time to revenue with real-time workflow updates

Personalize and gamify content

  • Publish content quickly with pre-built templates
  • Customize learning materials by products and roles
  • Highlight achievements with points and badges

Manage change adoption

  • Notify reps about relevant industry updates
  • Increase adoption of new processes with In-App Guidance
  • Master product knowledge with personalized content

Produce actionable insights

  • Address skills gaps with usage analytics
  • Collect feedback on content modules
  • Provide curated recommendations to reps


Sales Enablement Pricing


Sales Enablement

Increase the speed of sales with real-time enablement.
$ 25
(billed annually)

* All per user products require an annual contract.

This page is provided for information purposes only and subject to change. Contact a sales representative for detailed pricing information.


See new customer-focused features in the Summer ’22 Product Release.


Check out this product release for new ways to:

  • Onboard new sellers quickly
  • Help sellers hit quota more often
  • Enable your teams with relevant content via targeted prompts