Territory Planning

Take planning out of spreadsheets. Optimize sales and service territories faster than ever – without ever leaving the Salesforce platform.

Divvy up your resources and keep costs down.


Assess your coverage.

Visualize and adjust your territory model. Track alignment history and compare options to meet your business goals.

Automate territory design.

Save hundreds of hours creating equitable territories. Goodbye, cumbersome manual processes – hello, faster planning cycles.

Plan for anything. Respond with agility.

Staffing changes? New strategy? Gearing up for expansion? Anticipate and adapt to shifting realities with ease.

Set teams up for success.

Increase revenue, lower travel costs, and boost satisfaction across the board. Talk about a win-win-win for your company, employees, and customers.

Plan and optimize equitable territories – fast.


Territory Visualization

View your current model, easily address gaps, and overlay economic and trend data to make informed decisions.

Optimization Engine

Design balanced territories based on the attributes that matter most. Safely experiment without disrupting your live data.

Non-Geographic Territories

Flexibly support your unique business model – whether your reps sell out in the field, virtually, or anywhere in between.

Scenario Modeling

Instantly model different go-to-market scenarios. Bring actionable insights into the strategic sales planning process.

In-App Collaboration

Work as a team, get stakeholder feedback and buy-in, and streamline approvals with automated workflows.

Rapid Deployment

Seamlessly roll out territory alignments via your preferred channel to help reps hit the ground running in no time.

DocuSign carves 3,000 global territories each year.


With Salesforce, we design equitable territories to ensure every rep has an equal opportunity for success.

Hazel Tran

Director, Global Territory Strategy & Sales Operations, DocuSign

Plan sales and service territories the smart way.


Territory Planning

Optimize planning with automated insights
$ 75
(billed annually)

* This edition requires an annual contract.

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Ready to plan intelligent territories?

Ditch the spreadsheets and optimize your territories to reach their full potential. Chat with our experts to learn how Territory Planning can help you meet your goals.

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