Automated alerts pops up as a result of insights pulled from a call transcript between a customer and two sales reps.

Einstein Conversation Insights

Sell smarter with conversation intelligence software built directly into your CRM. Transcribe call notes, flag next steps, and speed up deals with insights from your sales calls.

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Conversational intelligence software to help sellers work smarter.

Get the intel you need to close more deals - fast.

Unblock deals with customer signals.

Gain visibility into call insights related to competitors, objections, pricing, questions asked, and more.
Automated prompts pop up as the result of a conversation in a video call.

Review call insights in the flow of work for opportunities.
AI shows competitor mentions within a call transcript.

Easily visualize conversation trends across teams, reps, opportunities, or opportunity amounts.
Get metrics on conversation trends like top mentions.

Automate administrative tasks for reps.

No data entry or note taking needed. Automatically transcribe all calls and highlight key mentions.
AI cites specific keywords in a call transcript, including pricing, quotes, and budget.

Task reps with follow-ups based on next steps, action items, scheduling, and customer questions mentioned in a call.
AI cites follow up tasks from within a call transcript, like set up a call or send over times in an email.

Alert reps of outstanding follow-up items to improve rep follow through.
AI alert pops up to tell the user to follow-up tasks.

Scale onboarding & coaching.

Create a playlist of successful calls so reps can replicate what works.
A best practice call within a collection plays. Playlists include topics like pricing and challenges.

Daily coaching recommendations and conversation highlights personalized to your team.
An AI-generated email tells the user that 70% of their questions are yes/no, and suggests using more open-ended questions.

Share feedback in context by commenting on relevant parts of the conversation.
A rep comments on an automatically generated call transcript to ask another rep for pricing insights.

Einstein Conversation Insights Pricing

Start by selecting your Sales Cloud edition. Some editions already include Einstein Conversation Insights right out of the box. For the others, you can easily add Einstein Conversation Insights at these price points.

Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI)

Transcribe call notes, flag next steps, and speed up deals with insights from your sales calls.

$ 50
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Call Insights
  • Automatic Transcripts
  • Call Collections
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ECI & Sales Engagement

Complete your virtual selling solution with insights and automation in one place.

$ 75
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Sales Cadences
  • Work Queue
  • Salesforce Inbox
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ECI & Enablement

Empower reps to sell smarter and reach their full potential.

$ 100
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Guidance Center
  • Revenue Milestones
  • Enablement Analytics
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Frequently asked questions

Conversation intelligence software is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze customer interactions with sales and customer support teams. It helps businesses gain insights into customer needs, improve sales performance, and enhance customer experience.

Conversation intelligence software offers several benefits, improved sales coaching, better customer insights, increased sales effectiveness, reduced customer churn, and enhanced collaboration between sales and customer support teams. It also helps businesses identify areas for improvement to refine their approach and improve conversion rates.

Einstein conversation insights is a conversation intelligence tool offered by Salesforce. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze customer interactions and provide insights to improve sales performance and customer service experiences.

Einstein Conversation Insights offers several benefits, such as improved sales effectiveness, reduced response times, increased customer satisfaction, and scalable coaching practices. It also helps businesses identify trends and opportunities in customer interactions, and improve their sales and support processes accordingly.

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