A dashboard shows the next step to building an email and the next sales rep milestone of calling 50 prospects.


Sell faster with Enablement built directly into your CRM. Embed milestones that tie programs to revenue outcomes, and make every rep a Salesblazer with the best sales enablement platform.

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What can you do with a sales enablement platform?

Maximize sales efficiency, in the flow of work.

Focus on outcomes.

Deliver programs in the flow of work and keep reps on track for revenue achievement.
A dashboard shows milestones and exercises relating to a specific deal.

Prove ROI on your sales enablement platform. Embed milestones into programs, which auto-complete as reps reach them.
Program outcome shows an average deal size of 60k and milestones and exercises.

Automatically track sales efficiency KPIs, and demonstrate enablement program success in terms of revenue outcomes.
A dashboard shows individual team progress metrics with 90 days left to target programs.

Coach for impact.

Power milestones with conversation data and tie behavior to revenue to prove the impact of new sales conversations.
A notification shows the next milestone is to log 10 calls.

Harness data and AI to power up your coaching and get the most out of every customer interaction.
A video player shows a playback of a past sales call. Dashboards show options for transcription and insights.

Manage change, drive adoption, and maximize sales efficiency. Give updates quickly to guide reps through tasks.

A notification displays the next task, which is to attach a contact.

Personalize at scale.

Launch confidently and find value faster with tailor-made templates based on Salesforce best practices.
A dashboard displays options for creating a new program template for AEs, BDRs, CSMs, SEs, and building a strong pipeline.

Deliver structured enablement fast with a drag and drop building experience directly in Salesforce.
A drop-and-drop window gives options to build personalized enablement.

Effortlessly configure success measures for your sales team to automatically track seller performance.
A notification shows the next milestone is to send 15 product upgrade emails with a tool to measure outcomes.

Enablement Pricing

Start by selecting your Sales Cloud edition. Some editions already include Enablement right out of the box. For the others, you can easily add Enablement at these price points.


Sales enablement platform to empower your reps to reach their full potential.

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  • Revenue Milestones
  • Enablement Analytics
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Frequently asked questions

A sales enablement platform provides sales teams with coaching, resources, and tools to help them effectively engage with customers and close deals. It improves sales productivity, streamline sales processes, and ultimately, improves rep efficiency to drive revenue.

When selecting a sales enablement platform, you should consider features like CRM integration, program dashboard and analytics, automated progress tracking, quick start templates, and the rep experience. It's also important to choose a sales enablement platform that aligns with your business goals and meets the unique needs of your sellers.

The setup for Enablement is simple. Work with your Salesforce admin to provision the licenses and then you can start building programs, milestones, and measures in the no code drag and drop program builder and start driving sales efficiency.

Unlike other sales enablement platforms that ask reps to leave the CRM and their flow of work to go be enabled, we bring enablement to them. What’s more, by tying enablement exercises to revenue milestones, they can instantly see how your program is moving them towards a metric they care about.

Yes. Enablement includes access to best practice program templates developed by our global enablement team based on their 20+ years of experience supporting sellers.

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