Automated alerts pops up as a result of insights pulled from a call transcript between a customer and two sales reps.

Salesforce Maps

Sell efficiently with sales mapping software built directly into your CRM. View data on a map interface to make smarter decisions and streamline field execution.

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What can you do with Salesforce Maps?

Take the fastest route to rep productivity and success using sales mapping software.

Bring your data to life with powerful visualization.

Quickly surface actionable insights by plotting accounts, opportunities, and any other standard or custom objects on an easy-to-understand map interface.
Clients are color-coded by the length of time since they were last visited between 0 and 90 days.

Augment your view with embedded business, property, and demographic data. Fuel smarter decisions with a deeper understanding of the market.
A map overlays the location of colleges in an area, household income, and recruiting opportunities.

Build smart engagement strategies.

Focus on the right customers at the right time. Prioritize your outreach based on attributes like Einstein score, potential revenue, or recency of last activity.
A pop-up on a map color codes clients by score. With a click into individual clients, a user sees more detailed information.

Get more value from your territory. Uncover new opportunities and fill calendar gaps with high-value nearby leads, customers, and service appointments.
An automated alert suggests filling an open calendar spot with an appointment with a prospect that’s on a rep’s route.

Optimize time in the field.

Cut down on busywork and travel costs. Create efficient visit plans that save you hours in planning, administration, and drive time.
Visit plans optimize a driving route for a rep’s schedule.

Stay focused and compliant with pre-visit checklists. Follow your company’s field safety precautions, travel approvals, and sales process.
A pre-meeting checklist tells a rep about safety precautions needed to make a meeting go smoothly.

Stay connected to your source of truth – even on the go. Check in with a single click, quickly capture visit notes, and deliver real-time visibility into field activity.
A phone view of a calendar, key contacts, location, route, and check-in notification.

Salesforce Maps Pricing

Start by selecting your Sales Cloud edition. Some editions already include Maps right out of the box. For the others, you can easily add Maps at these price points.

Salesforce Maps

Visualize Salesforce and market data on interactive maps.
$ 75
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Map-Based Visualization
  • Data-Driven Prioritization
  • Automated Routes and Schedules
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Salesforce Maps: Advanced

Turbocharge field productivity with advanced route optimization and geo-analytics.
$ 125
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Thematic Maps
  • Routing with Advanced Business Logic
  • Routing for Longer Time Horizons
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Salesforce Maps Frequently Asked Questions

Sales mapping software is a tool that helps businesses visualize and analyze sales data geographically. It enables businesses to map accounts and opportunities, plan sales routes, and optimize sales activities to increase sales productivity and efficiency.

Salesforce Maps enables businesses to visualize their sales data, plan sales routes, and optimize sales activities. It integrates with Salesforce CRM to provide real-time insights into sales performance and help businesses make data-driven decisions.

Sales mapping software is important because it helps businesses increase sales productivity and efficiency by optimizing sales activities. It enables businesses to visualize sales data geographically, identify new sales opportunities, and plan sales routes more effectively.

Besides helping sales reps become more productive, Salesforce Maps helps sales leaders boost CRM adoption and data quality. Improved visibility into field activity allows leaders to coach, identify and share best practices, ensure adherence, and make more data-driven organizational decisions.

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