A map shows sales territories in a city, the number of businesses in each, and efficient travel routes between customers.

Sales Performance Management

Sell efficiently with sales performance management software built directly into your CRM. Allocate resources strategically and empower reps to close deals faster.

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Reach goals faster with sales performance management software.

Boost efficiency and sales performance – from planning to execution.

Optimize sales and service territories faster – all within Salesforce.

Territory Planning

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Make more informed decisions by reviewing your current territory model and overlaying key economic and trend data.
One sales rep comments on the territory map align with another. The map legend shows the number of units in each territory.

Save hundreds of hours and create equitable, efficient territories that maximize coverage, boost revenues, and reduce travel costs.
A feature rebalances the territory map by annual revenue.

Respond to changing conditions with agility. Instantly model different go-to-market motions, collaborate right in the app, and deploy with just a click.

Drop-down menus create new sales scenarios, so a team can adapt when changes occur, like the number of available reps.

Visualize data and boost field productivity with built-in location intel.

Salesforce Maps

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Ditch the columns and rows. Plot CRM and market data on a map-based interface to quickly surface actionable insights and fuel business decisions.
Clients are color-coded by the length of time since they were last visited between 0 and 90 days.

Get more value from your territory. Focus on high-value accounts and uncover new or nearby opportunities.
A pop-up on a map color codes clients by score. With a click into individual clients, a user sees more detailed information.

Navigate visits efficiently and effectively with optimized routes, embedded guidance, and complete visibility into your CRM – from anywhere.
Field Optimization integrates with calendar apps and maps the most efficient travel routes between businesses.

Sales Cloud Pricing

Select your Sales Cloud edition below. Some editions already include Sales Performance Management software products, right out of the box. For the others, you can easily add the products you need.


Start fast with sales, service, and email outreach.
$ 25
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Simplified Setup & Onboarding
  • Lead Management
  • Account & Opportunity Management
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The CRM for sales.

$ 75
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Customizable Reports & Dashboards
  • Forecast Management
  • Quoting & Contracting
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The CRM for sales with analytics and API.

$ 150
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Pipeline Management
  • Advanced Permissions
  • Workflow and Approvals
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The CRM for sales with automation, AI and development support built-in.

$ 300
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Includes all capabilities
  • Premier Success Plan
  • Full and Developer Sandboxes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sales performance management (SPM) is a process that helps businesses manage and optimize their sales performance by setting goals, measuring progress, and providing feedback to sales teams. It involves a range of activities, including goal setting, data exploration and segmentation, and territory management.

Sales performance management improves sales performance through goal setting, data exploration and segmentation, territory management, and increased efficiency through automation of sales management tasks. Sales performance management also drives better decision-making through real-time data and analytics.

Sales performance management software helps businesses automate and streamline their sales management processes with features like goal setting, data exploration and segmentation, and territory management. It provides real-time data and analytics that help businesses make data-driven decisions and optimize their sales strategies.

To choose the right sales performance management software, consider factors such as features, integration with existing sales and CRM systems, user-friendliness, customizability, and security to ensure the software meets your specific needs and goals.

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