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See how Einstein GPT combines generative AI models with real-time CRM data to deliver personalized content across every customer interaction.

Einstein for Service makes AI easy to use because it’s built right into Service Cloud, your service channels, and your CRM data.

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Help more customers resolve common issues fast with Salesforce chatbots. Guide customers through multistep actions, all inside one conversation. Check claims status, modify orders, and more, all with natural language processing on real-time channels. Collect and qualify customer info, then seamlessly connect them to the right agent. Give your customers a more personal touch with Salesforce chatbots.

Deliver AI-powered contextual recommendations.

Combine your business rules and predictive models to surface the right offer at the right time — in any experience, for every customer and agent. Unlock insights from both Salesforce data and third-party data. And deliver personalized recommendations and next best actions to take, in real time.

Give service reps the information they need, fast.

Save your agents time by using AI to analyze incoming cases and predict case fields for any language. Automatically apply those predictions and route cases to the right agents for faster case processing. Want to save agents even more time? Intelligently serve them with the best answers and responses even as the context of the conversation changes.

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Set up, train, and deploy Einstein fast. It's easy with native Salesforce UI and intuitive controls. Don’t want to code? No problem. You can create CRM-connected chatbots, as well as AI-powered decision strategies connected to business processes, back-end systems, and digital channels with clicks. No code needed. And because Einstein is native to our platform, it works across Service Cloud, your channels, and all your CRM data.

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Arm employees with the skills of the future. Put agent coaching, de-escalation, and working with AI with Trailhead at every agents' fingertips. Connect anytime, anywhere with a network of 25,000+ Trailblazers and thought leaders in our service success communities.

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