Deliver mission critical service faster with Customer Service Incident Management.

Address incidents quickly by ensuring your teams can identify, track, and fix issues with proven workflows. Create an even better customer experience with Customer Service Incident Management best practices built into the #1 service platform.

Manage incidents from a single screen.

Give agents and service operations teams full visibility into incidents, cases, and customer data in a single workspace. Agents are no longer left in the dark while being bombarded by frustrated customers. And service operations teams have all the context they need to resolve the problem.

Stay one step ahead of major disruptions.

Proactively address problems before customers even know about them. Integrate with external systems so you can find and resolve issues before they have widespread impact.

Automate processes with intelligence.

Use AI to point out incidents based on high volumes of similar incoming cases. Then, expedite the problem solving process with automatically surfaced learnings from previous incidents.

Find the right experts at the right time.

Slack helps you quickly take action by connecting the right experts across internal and external teams. With swarming built into the console, you can tackle incidents and escalations faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Keep customers in the know.

Build trust and confidence between you and your customers by updating them on the status of their cases. Seamlessly connect with customers and keep them updated using digital channels like email, messaging, social, and web – all native to the Salesforce platform. When customers know their case is actively being worked on, they’re less likely to reach out to the call center.

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