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Field Service

Boost productivity for your frontline workforce, lower operating costs, and transform your service experience with an end-to-end field service platform.

Power efficient field service operations.


Mobile Worker Excellence

Increase productivity and ensure service consistency by connecting your front-line workforce to the right data and tools on the field. With the Field Service Mobile App, built on the Salesforce Platform and powered by AI and real-time data, mobile workers have access to guided workflows, knowledge, and industry features — on and offline.

Optimized Scheduling and Dispatching

Minimize operating costs by ensuring that the right resources with the right skills and the right tools are on the best routes. Quickly respond to dynamic requests and emergencies with automated scheduling and dispatching.

Intelligent Asset Service Management

Reduce downtime and improve service accuracy with a complete view of your assets with Data Cloud. Effectively monitor asset performance and predict asset failure to help proactively resolve customer issues.
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Enhanced Service Delivery

Simplify your field service with automation and intelligence. Create custom workflows to automatically manage work orders based on entitlements. Get real-time insight into operations with configurable dashboards.
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Real-Time Remote Assistance

Improve first-time fix rates by resolving issues from anywhere with live video. Connect customers and your frontline workforce with experts using augmented reality and interactive guidance.
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Seamless Customer Engagement

Transform the field service experience with Self-Service. Enable customers to schedule their own appointments and improve customer satisfaction with real-time updates.

“With Salesforce & Field Service, we’re able to look at service end to end and enable AI and automation to be 20% more efficient”

Brad Beldon

CEO, Beldon Roofing

Increase frontline productivity. Increase revenue.

Salesforce Field Service helps your team do more with less. Read the Forrester Research Total Economic Impact report to see how four Trailblazers saw these benefits over a three-year period.

  • 180% ROI increase
  • 10-month payback
  • $5.2 million in total benefits

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