Nucleus Guidebook
Field Service Lightning

Why customers choose it, and the real benefits they gain from using FSL.

Today’s connected customers have zero patience for long service wait windows or field technicians who don’t have the tools they need complete a job. When they’re not happy, their negative experiences can go viral, and have a huge impact on your business.

Delivering fast, efficient field service is crucial. But while most customer service operations are all-in with multi-channel solutions, unfortunately field service management is too-often still a phone and paper-based operation.  

Nucleus researched the main challenges facing field service managers today, including disconnected data, resource allocation challenges, multi-channel processes, and disconnected field workers. Then they asked customers why they chose Field Service Lightning, and how it makes it easy for them to streamline, automate and optimize their field service operations.

Nucleus found that Field Service Lightning customers:

  • Increased visibility and productivity,

  • Accelerated work order resolution

  • Improved resource utilization

  • Reduced logistics and inventory costs

The bottom line. From the phone to the field, FSL gives organizations real-time visibility into what everyone is doing, when they’re doing it, increasing efficiency across the board. Customers are happier, and gain a new level of trust. And companies gain new brand ambassadors to help grow their business.




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