Get customer service up and running fast.

You never know how big your company will become, so you need a call center and help desk solution that can grow as fast as your business.


The basics of modern customer service for fast-growing companies


1. Make finding help easy.

Most customers prefer a “self-service” approach to support, so information and advice should be easily accessible whenever and wherever customers want.

  • Make product information like best practices, how-tos, and FAQs available 24/7 with our knowledge base.

  • Collect the wisdom of evangelists and experts in our fully customizable online communities.

2. Give agents a 360° view of customers.

Customers want to be treated like people you know, so agents should know everything they can about the customer when they reach out for help.

  • Give agents a unified, customizable workspace where they can see customer profiles and interaction histories on our Lightning Console.

  • Centralize all support cases in the Lightning Console whether customers use the phone, email, social media, or any other channel.

3. Help agents be more productive.

Fast-growing companies need to maximize individual productivity, so give agents the tools and information necessary to solve problems the first time.

  • Put all the tools your agent’s need to resolve customer problems right at their fingertips with Service Cloud.

  • Manage availability in real-time and intelligently send cases to the right agents with our Omni-channel routing.

4. Be everywhere your customers are.

Customers seek help in lots of different ways—over the phone, email, mobile apps, or social networks, so you need a support system that handles them all.

  • Give customers a better, more personal support interaction by using the channel of their choice with Service Cloud.

  • Embed SOS, live chat, and other Snap-ins features into your mobile apps to instantly add customer support functions at the touch of a button.

Faster, smarter customer service starts with a free trial. (Yep, free.)

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