Streamline Mobile Workforce Management.


Connect your entire workforce on one platform.

Field Service Lightning allows your business’s call-center agents, dispatchers, and mobile employees to work together on the same platform. Manage and monitor every step of the field service chain all in one place. Agents intelligently schedule appointments and dispatchers can track and optimize resources and tasks in the field. With Field Service Lightning, your mobile workforce can quickly access all vital customer information, deliver real-time job updates, and generate reports right from the dedicated, offline-first mobile app.


Extend the employee and customer experience into the field.

With Field Service Lightning, your business can deliver a connected service solution on Salesforce. Streamline processes, reduce costs, and boost efficiency and productivity by connecting with employees in the field. Transition from being a reactive business to being proactive by engaging with your customers at every touchpoint. Fully use the power of the Field Service Lightning mobile app to access information at any time from any mobile device.

Reduce Silos, Improve Transparency

Field service management is incredibly challenging due to little communication among different and disconnected service departments. Resources are not well allocated due to misaligned skills and timing. With Field Service Lightning, service departments can easily communicate with one another due to seamless integration with all parts of the service chain, leading to improved transparency and efficiency across the board. With a more streamlined approach to customer service, Field Service Lightning leads to faster response times, reduced appointment windows, reduced late arrivals, and reduced return visits letting your company focus on what truly matters — the customer experience.

Faster, smarter customer service starts with a free trial. (Yep, free.)

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