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Slack is your Digital HQ.

Deliver real-time customer magic from your Digital HQ.

Slack connects people, automation and apps in one space for faster and more flexible work. And now, Slack is the fully integrated engagement layer around the Salesforce Customer 360, empowering everyone in your organization to see and act on customer insights.


Unite your digital-first teams around the customer.

Salesforce and Slack bring together all your teams with the apps and data they need in a single, collaborative workspace. Slack Connect functionality lets internal teams engage more productively with external partners, vendors, agencies, and customers. So you can deliver the exceptional experiences that help grow your business.


Digital HQ for Sales

Collaborate better. Close faster.

Everything you need to open up communication and grow your business is right at your fingertips. It’s never been easier to work together from anywhere.

With Slack, sales teams can:

  • Engage with customers and partners securely in real time
  • Boost rep productivity with automation and actionable insights
  • Rally your extended team to keep deals moving forward

Digital HQ for Service

Give every customer the VIP treatment.

Connect with just the right people and information at just the right time to resolve cases faster and grow customer loyalty.

With Slack, service teams can:

  • Enable cross-company case swarming to resolve problems faster
  • Unite teams to rapidly respond to multi-customer incidents
  • Make every agent an expert by intelligently surfacing relevant messages, files, channels, and people.

Digital HQ for Marketing

Turn ideas into trusted relationships.

Seamlessly accelerate marketing, maximize revenue, and grow your brand with unparalleled agility.

Now it’s easy to:

  • Go from idea to in-market faster by uniting teams
  • Build loyalty by responding to data and trends in real time
  • Turn insights into impact with streamlined workflows

Digital HQ for I.T./App Development

Bring your people and software together.

Build the apps that power productivity across the organization. Slack empowers everyone to create seamless experiences, with clicks or code.

Now it’s easy to:

  • Engage users with connected apps and conversations
  • Automate away costs with customizable bots and apps
  • Break down silos and jumpstart cross-team collaboration

Digital HQ for Workplace

Deliver more delight.

Whether your company is in the FORTUNE 500 or 500,000, Slack and Salesforce give your people a more intuitive, engaging, and productive way to work. And when teams work happy, customers feel the love.

With Slack, any team can:

  • Move work forward with a common purpose and place in channels
  • Speed up collaboration inside and outside your organization
  • Bring key apps and workflows right where people are engaged

More than 750,000 customers work smarter and faster with Slack.