Team up to close faster in Slack.

Bring your Salesforce CRM data into Slack so sales teams get the deal context they need to sell faster and strengthen long-term customer relationships. The Sales Cloud for Slack app centralizes the selling conversation, surfaces critical updates and notifications, and helps teams manage both pipeline and records.


Sales Cloud for Slack App

The integration for team selling.


Instantly highlight priority deals.

Collaborative sales teams close more deals. The app makes it easier to instantly highlight priority deals, with the right context, to help team members quickly and strategically move deals along faster.

Timely deal updates for easy pipeline management.

The Sales Cloud for Slack integration makes it easy to quickly update the pipeline with deal details for more accurate forecasting. With improved visibility, managers can better track progress and help teams act on promising deals.

Send sellers actionable notifications.

Create strategic Salesforce record notifications that work across sales channels to help teams prioritize deals. Put the right data, business processes, and cross-functional collaborators in the right channels, and shorten the sales cycles.

Prm for slack app

Bring real time collaboration tools to partners


Enhance productivity with Real-time Collaboration

Shorten sales cycles with real-time deal collaboration right within Slack

Automate Processes

Make every partner an A+ player by surfacing flows and global actions within Slack, like deal registration with approvals

Relationship Building

Build trust and grow revenue by addressing product questions fast, and win the battle mindshare by staying connected

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