Einstein Copilot and Prompt Builder — trusted, extensible AI grounded in the fabric of our Platform.

Implement our AI in your customer data to create customizable, predictive, and generative AI experiences to fit all your business needs safely. Bring conversational AI to any workflow, user, department, and industry with Einstein.

Einstein Copilot

Einstein Copilot

Embed Einstein Copilot, a conversational AI assistant, across all Salesforce applications to help teams be more productive. Automate steps or tasks with out-of-the-box actions or create custom actions for Flows, Apex, or MuleSoft APIs.

Prompt Builder

Prompt Builder

Create, test, and refine prompt templates easily without code. Ground prompts with dynamic CRM data including merge fields and Flow. Invoke prompted workflows across the Einstein 1 Platform through Flow, Lightening Web Components, and Apex.

Our top features from the Spring 2024 release.

Sales Cloud

Einstein Copilot Sales Actions empower sellers to be more productive. Research customers and prospects, follow-up after meetings, and keep the CRM up-to-date.

Service Cloud

Search Answers surfaces answers to questions, directly in the Community Portal or Agent Console, using generative AI.

Marketing Cloud

Content Creation for Account Engagement uses generative AI to create content for landing pages, emails, and subject lines. 

Commerce Cloud

Order Management Enhancements use AI-powered insights from your reviews and return codes to understand why products are returned.


Analytics Collection Components lets you embed a specific collection directly into lightning pages to access the insights you need in the flow of work.


RPA Unified Flow brings together features and enhancements that streamline business-IT collaboration, reduces time-to-value, and maximizes efficiency.


Slack Canvas enhancements include a new canvas gallery that centralizes templates to quickly use as is or customize to suit your needs. 

Data Cloud

Bring Your Own Lake (BYOL) solutions with Google BigQuery enables seamless data access enriching your unified customer profiles, and powering Google analytics and AI models.


Private Funding Opportunities targets projects closely aligned with funding priorities and ensures only selected grantseekers can apply.

Find additional features tailored for your industry.

Automotive Data Bundle
Connect and harmonize your driver, vehicle, and retail data at scale.

Connected Vehicle Visualization
Visualize a vehicle’s connected features and services with one click.

Actionable Telematics
Monitor and act on telematics data in real time.

Automotive Calculated Insights
Calculate actionable metrics like driver or vehicle lifetime value.

Automotive Loan and Lease Console
Streamline driver, household, and vehicle loan and lease data.

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Billing Inquiry Manager
Boost productivity with multiple source summaries that provide service agents with next-best action for billing inquiries.

Enterprise Sales Management Enhancements
Enable access to a similar set of functionality whether using Classic Journey or Guided Journey, such as adding products, visualize product details, and eligibility rules.

TMF API Enhancements
Perform address validation and serviceability check to locations uploaded.

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Promotion Transfer
Increase productivity with automated promotion transfers from Trade Promotion Management to Retail Execution.

Flexible Time Planning Dimensions
Maximize account ROI with flexible planning that allows alignment to customer promotions and account plans.

UI and Business Logic Extensibility
Increase efficiency for order and pricing implementations.

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Clean Energy Program Management
Drive adoption and track impact for clean energy programs on a connected relationship management platform for multiple stakeholders. Meet your shared net zero goals together.

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Personalized Financial Engagement
Deliver financial wellness with real-time data and intelligence.

Automation Templates Enhancements
Get a head start with prebuilt service process templates.

Transaction Dispute Management Enhancements
Elevate the customer experience with AI for a streamlined dispute resolution process.

Actionable Segmentation Enhancements
Build more advanced lists and engage in new ways.

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Assessment Generation
Leverage generative AI to more quickly set up the assessments caregivers need for patient visits.

Home Health Enhancements
Deliver connected health in the home with new slot broadcasting, intelligent medication management, and a self-service patient portal.

Provider Relationship and Network Management Enhancements
Streamline care requests from a single system.

Advanced Therapy Management Enhancements
Leverage e-signatures to maintain FDA compliance with a digital trail of custody.

Interoperability Enhancements
Accelerate healthcare interoperability with clicks, not code.

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Sales Agreement Enhancements
Simplify complex tasks and views with dynamic filtered products, merged columns and inline editing.

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Linear TV Media Planning Enhancements
Improved spot calendar-based media planning by leveraging demo codes, impressions, and rating points.

Advertising Sales Management Enhancements
Streamline ad sales processes with spot calendar distribution and simplified workflows featuring intuitive navigation.

MuleSoft Direct for Media Cloud Integration Apps
Simplify media ecosystem integrations via out-of-the-box integration apps.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Disclosure Authoring
Einstein can access and use internal information you have uploaded to write and answer specific questions required for multiple reporting standards.

Disclosure and Compliance Hub Plugin for Microsoft Word
Get more flexibility with support for multiple authoring formats by using MS Word Office 365 for multiuser collaboration, easy navigation, and rich text support.

Marginal Abatement Cost Visualizations
Gain insights into required investments for various programs and forecast future emissions based on the cost to offset carbon.

Sustainability Program Visualizations
Gain a deeper understanding of specific metrics by visualizing multiple ESG projects.

Improved Emissions Factors Management
Easily manage emissions factors with improved integration between Net Zero Marketplace and Net Zero Cloud.

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Change of Circumstance Guided Flow
Simplify the process for constituents to report a change in circumstance and for caseworkers to recheck eligibility and adjust disbursement amounts.

Grantseeker Collaboration
Collaborate and speed up application completion. Grantseekers can securely share applications and grant application owners can control access and level of access.

Caseworker Productivity Dashboard
Identify trends, boost efficiency, and visualize caseworker impact with out-of-the-box analytics.

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