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Automate workflows and connect data quickly.

  • Scale common service requests and drive efficiency with a curated library of workflows
  • Optimize ROI by connecting customer data to cross-channel performance
  • Leverage the power of Flow to use Security Center data in your business processes
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Information Technology

Run tech stacks efficiently.

  • Deflect cases with Intelligent Automation
  • Automate repetitive tasks and processes for every team
  • Access real-time performance metrics for your Salesforce production org
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Streamline your data.

  • Build faster and get more out of your code with the new Slack developer platform
  • View all your analytics in one place
  • Connect insights to action with contextual Flow integration.

Find additional features tailored for your industry.

Warranty Lifecycle Management
Develop best-in-class warranty programs.

Inventory Management
Improve inventory visibility.

Salesforce Scheduler for Automotive Cloud
Streamline appointment scheduling.

Automotive Cloud Intelligence
Get actionable insights in Automotive Cloud.

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Predictive Order Fulfillment and Delays
Predict order jeopardy and reduce order fallout with AI-generated alerts.

Enterprise Sales Management
Enhance dynamic and iterative bulk quoting operations with guided journeys and messaging.

CPQ API Services Enhancements
Enhance performance and scale by leveraging CPQ API's replicated in Core

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Consumer Goods Cloud — Service
Make your service center a revenue driver with intelligent service and telesales capabilities.

Trade Promotion Effectiveness
Increase trade promotion ROI with intelligence.

MuleSoft Direct for Consumer Goods Cloud
Get started with Consumer Goods Cloud faster with just a few clicks.

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Utility Clean Energy Program Framework
View your personalized energy efficiency and clean energy incentives for utility customers.

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Complaint Management
Restore customer trust with efficient complaint management.

Marketing Cloud Engagement for Financial Services
Deliver impactful, personalized customer experiences at scale that drive measurable business value.

Service Process Automation Enhancements
Increase service efficiency with prebuilt templates, no-code solutions, and new self-service options.

Actionable Segmentation
Scale targeted customer engagement.

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Home Health
Deliver personalized and coordinated care in the home.

Crisis Support Center Management Enhancements
Engage with empathy and urgency for optimal, whole-person-care traffic control.

Integrated Care Management Enhancements
Deliver holistic patient views for more equitable care.

Advanced Therapy Management Enhancements
Orchestrate intelligent care programs for advanced therapies.

Utilization Management Enhancements
Streamline prior authorizations with embedded AI.

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Warranty Lifecycle Management
Develop best-in-class warranty programs.

Ship and Debit Process Management
Streamline ship-and-debit process management.

Asset Management
Get a 360-degree view of your assets.

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Advertising Sales Management
Radio Media Planning: Accurately and efficiently configure integrated media plans.

Advertising Sales Management Enhancements
Pause and amend in-progress orders with order revision.

Media Process Library
Grow faster with automation templates.

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Emissions Allocations for Extended Enterprise
Accurately attribute emissions from subsidiaries, franchisees and partners.

Data Upload Templates
Execute bulk data uploads with prebuilt templates using .csv files.

Emissions Accounting for Electric Vehicle Charging

Calculate emissions from electric vehicles (EVs).

Social and Governance Data Support for Extended Enterprise
Allow subsidiaries to report ESG data.

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Experience Cloud for Public Sector Enhancements
Build constituent journeys on a powerful digital experience platform.

Group Membership Enhancements
Assign and define groups.

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