Connect Web3
with the world's
#1 CRM.

Find new audiences and deepen relationships safely and sustainably.

Build customer loyalty in Web3 on a trusted platform.


Enhance customer profiles.

Integrate Web3 data into your CRM to identify customers while respecting consumer privacy.

Create digital collections.

Customize and deploy audited smart contracts onto a sustainable blockchain with just clicks.

Manage Web3 engagement.

Create a seamless experience across Web2 and Web3 channels, powered by Salesforce Customer 360.

Launch quickly, safely, and sustainably.


Smart Contract Templates

Configure contract parameters for new NFT collections using a secure audited template.

Web3 Data Model

Leverage new blockchain data integrated with your CRM such as wallet IDs and NFT transaction history.

Collection Monitoring

Monitor real-time blockchain data from collections launched on Ethereum and Polygon within your CRM.

Wallet Risk Scoring

Identify and flag wallets that have been involved in potential fraudulent or other risky behavior.

Built-in Security

Enable multisignature actions on smart contracts, configure role-based privacy controls, and more.

Sustainable Blockchains

Choose from sustainable blockchains and estimate carbon usage prior to deployment.
99.9% fewer emissions.
*Source: Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute, 2022

Discover what Web3 can offer.


Deliver exclusive experiences.

Grant access to exclusive digital content and community membership for digital asset holders.

Launch unique digital products.

Offer a variety of new products including metaverse wearables, digital twins, and access to virtual spaces.

Co-create with customers.

Build loyalty through co-ownership, co-creation and tokenized customer engagement.

Unlock customer data.

Identify customers through wallet IDs and document changes in NFT ownership, while honoring consumer privacy.

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Web3 Connect is powering invaluable insights into our audience, seamlessly bridging Web3 channels with the rest of our customer experiences.

Sven Gerjets
EVP & CTO, Mattel

Data integration into our CRM gave us real-time insights ... to power personalized campaigns via Marketing Cloud.

Claire Boots
Global CRM Manager,
Scotch & Soda

Salesforce helped us … digitally scale Crown Royal’s Purple Bag Project by giving us a trusted partner.

Devin Nagy
Director, Technology & Emerging Platforms, Diageo

Our launch partners can help you with Web3 from strategy to implementation.


Get the right tools for your team.


Web3 Connect

Connect blockchain data with your CRM.
$ 2.50
USD/5 API Calls

NFT Management

Create and deploy NFT collections from Salesforce.
$ 10
USD/NFT Created*

* Web3 Connect is required to purchase NFT Management; $50,000 minimum annual contract value is required.

This page is provided for information purposes only and subject to change. Contact a sales representative for detailed pricing information.


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Learn how Salesforce can help you increase customer engagement and build your brand in Web3 while maintaining high standards of safety and sustainability.

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