We think about the customer first.​”

Aaron Brinker
Senior Director, Commercial Pipeline Programs, Salesforce
Brianna Dinsmore
Director, Commercial Marketing, Salesforce

Only on Quotable, the legendary author, podcaster, and lifehacker shares his productivity tips for starting the day, managing email, and avoiding distractions.


Leaving your best sales voicemail is critical for sales prospecting. Read why, if you're not doing it, you should be, and how you can get more callbacks.

John Barrows — Owner, J. Barrows LLC

Learn why design thinking is a highly effective selling technique by shifting focus from pushing products or solutions to creating value for the customer.

Brianna Layton — Account Executive, Salesforce

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Let’s face it: Marketing wants to help sales, and sales wants the help. But when there is an array of product lines, sales can get overwhelmed.

Aaron Brinker and Brianna Dinsmore — Senior Director, Commercial Pipeline Programs and Director, Commercial Marketing, Salesforce

Grit is the combination of passion and perserverance, and has been shown to be a leading indicator of success in many areas of life and business. Learn how to i...

Ray Makela — Chief Customer Officer, Sales Readiness Group

Three months after college, I had a haphazard morning routine. No structure, no routine, and nowhere near ready mentally to win the day — key in B2B tech sales....

Ryan Warner — Account Executive, Salesforce

Whether you’re planning for next year or selling to meet end-of-year numbers, the last few months of the fiscal year can be chaotic, to say the least.

Wes Rudsenske & Archana Subramanian — VP, Channel Account Management and Senior Director, Sales Strategy and Operations, Salesforce

A fundamental of Salesforce's business performance has been tight alignment between sales and marketing. This is increasingly important as we’ve grown.

Simon Mulcahy — CMO, Salesforce

Sales and marketing share an enormous amount of common ground: Both achieve the greatest success when communicating directly with customers and prospects.

Vanessa Haney — Director, Product Marketing, Salesforce

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