The enterprise is in it for the long haul. ​”

Warren Wick,
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Sales, Salesforce

Join Quotable on a fascinating look back at sales through the centuries. You’ll learn about historic events and how they impacted the sales landscape, plus the ...


In today’s world, we have literally seconds to get people’s attention, which is why the first few words that come out of our mouths on a call, or the subject an...

John Barrows — Owner, j.barrows LLC

Of all sales skills, from prospecting, to qualifying, building relationships, negotiating, and closing, the pitch is perhaps the most unique and critical.

Annie Simms — Account Executive, Salesforce

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Trying to meet a large sales quota can be pressure-filled and daunting. Read how one solution seller found a unique approach and took control of his quota.

Naman Khan — Sr. Director, Sales Cloud Product Marketing, Salesforce

Selling to large companies has unique challenges. Adapting your approach is critical. Learn 3 keys to enterprise selling from an experienced team leader.

Warren Wick — Senior Vice President, Enterprise Sales, Salesforce

Learn why to act as trusted advisors for their customers, salespeople of the future will increasing rely on artificial intelligence to optimize their time.

Rob DeSisto — VP of Global Customer Transformation, Salesforce

Discover best practices such as ease-of-use that are critical to success when pushing CRM adoption within sales teams according to one prominent IT leader.

Brett Colbert — Solutions CTO & VP of Enterprise Architecture, Salesforce

When sales reps are too focused on the top of the funnel, it may be time to build a team of sales development representatives. Learn how to do it right.

Trish Bertuzzi — President and Chief Strategist, The Bridge Group

With a new year comes the exercise of planning and adjusting your go-to-market strategy for your sales team. Discover tips to help you avoid common pitfalls

Wes Rudsenske — Vice President, Global Sales Strategy, Salesforce

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