Now, it’s always quality over quantity.​”

Denise Dresser
SVP, Enterprise Cloud Sales, Salesforce

A career in sales can be equal parts exhilarating, rewarding, stressful, and lonely. And no one understands this better than salespeople themselves. Quotable su...


Empathy is a very powerful selling skill. A salesperson lacking empathy can’t influence others and won’t understand their prospects needs and motivations.

Colleen Stanley — President and Chief Selling Officer, SalesLeadership, Inc.

Successfully hiring account executives requires a carefully crafted process. Learn the details from a man who's hired over 1,000 sales account executives.

Mike Wolff — SVP, Commercial Sales, Salesforce

Refine Search
Refine Search

Rather than prioritizing pipeline quantity, discover why committing to pipeline quality is crucial for leading sales organizations. The tighter you manage pipel...

Denise Dresser — SVP, Enterprise Cloud Sales, Salesforce

The best personal trainers use an intake model that can be described as exhaustive and inspiring. Learn how this thorough process affirms the importance of sale...

Frank Perkins — RVP of Enterprise Pipeline Programs, Salesforce

Brittany Knowles knew one thing going into college: She would pursue marketing no matter what. A sales job? Not even on the radar. But an introduction to sellin...

Heather Miller — Writer and Editor

Vistage Research, in partnership with Salesforce, surveyed and analyzed responses from 1,377 small and mid-sized business CEOs in August of 2017. Discover what ...

Joe Galvin — Chief Research Officer, Vistage

Back in the early days of (CRM) systems, I was a skeptic. Why would I need a technology solution to help me with what I already do best in sales?

Steven Settelmayer — Executive Vice President, FieldLogix

When you ask for referrals from your clients, customers, and networks, future sales success can be — quite literally — one phone call or meeting away.

Joanne Black — Founder of No More Cold Calling, Speaker, and Author

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