There’s a changing reality for sales teams: AI.​”

Lynne Zaledonis
Vice President of Product Marketing, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

The Internet brought many predictions of sales forces soon going extinct. To the contrary, technology has further enabled salespeople like never before.

Jason Jordan — Partner, Vantage Point Performance

When I started in sales, my boss told me, "Your job is to get to know your customer and build a relationship. Nothing is more important than building a relation...

Tony Rodoni — EVP, Commercial Sales and Market Readiness, Salesforce

Discover how two converging forces are making dedicated sales development and pipeline generation positions the hottest jobs in sales right now.

Trish Bertuzzi — President & Chief Strategist of The Bridge Group

Refine Search
Refine Search

Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) will enable salespeople of the future to reduce time spent on administrative work and chasing down the wrong deals

Lynne Zaledonis — Vice President, Product Marketing, Salesforce

Learn how organizations structure their sales strategy via a “pyramid of partnerships” with multiple channel partners, often segmented revenue or loyalty.

Mike Nevin — Managing Director, Alliance Best Practice

If the first half of the year was challenging or brought lower-than-expected results, it’s too early to throw in the towel on your annual sales plan.

Rob DeSisto — Chief Value Officer, Salesforce

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) applications have been around for 18 years, but have yet to take hold in the market, while CRM spend has seen explosive.

Fred Corsentino — President, Technology Sales Leader Association

It all started when Saleforce missed internal sales goals one quarter. It was caused by a lack of data transparency combined with human bias.

Robin Glinton — Vice President of Data Science Applications, Salesforce

As salespeople we put tremendous amounts of time and effort into preparation for meetings. Despite this, meeting don’t always go as you planned.

Russ Ford — Account Executive, Salesforce (Formerly)

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