A really interesting thing about being a salesperson today — especially in B2B sales — is that your job is to compete with people. You exist because some other company has another sales rep just like you trying to sell something (always worse) to the same customer. This competition creates a dynamic environment for every sales professional. Even a small adjustment can make a really big impact on how much you sell and if your company succeeds or fails.

It’s why you’re always trying to learn and find an edge, whether with technology or just a new idea. And it’s why we’ve built Quotable — to create a place where insightful content is being generated and shared specifically to help you, the sales professional, be even better at what you do.

We are in a unique position at Salesforce. Not only do we offer the world’s leading CRM solution, we are also one of the fastest-growing companies in the world based on a direct sales model. From product design and development to hiring and sales process, helping people sell more efficiently and more effectively is core to what we do.

Because we’re Salesforce and because we sell sales force automation software, we’re a natural place for people to come together to trade ideas and to learn from each other. This gives us the opportunity, and really the responsibility, to offer our constituents more information; not just about our technology, but about our sales playbook and what we’re seeing across the hundreds of thousands of customers using Salesforce to sell every day.

At the same time, we’ve had to scale our sales organization tremendously over the last 15-plus years. All day long we think about things such as how to hire salespeople and how to build high-performing teams. We’ve learned many great lessons along the way. We have lots of experience and a ton of sales experts who love to share what they know with other sales professionals around the world.

I recognize that everyone reading this is busy and has a limited number of precious hours in a week. So this site will not waste your time. I would like you to trust us with your time, and in turn, we’ll offer thought-provoking and entertaining content that will hopefully give you an edge and make you more successful — whether you’re a sales leader, sales manager, or sales rep. That’s the bar we’ve set for ourselves and I hope you hold us to that.

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