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Quotable Collection: Inside Sales

Challenging. Rewarding. Thriving. The best advice on unleashing the power of inside sales.


Salesforce is one of the more aggressive and fast-moving sales organizations in the world. Discover the structural approach used by the Salesforce team to train...

John Barrows — Owner, j.barrows LLC

Too often, organizations undervalue the impact sales development can have on their top lines and talent pipelines. Discover what Salesforce has learned about wh...

Jonathan Hunt — SVP, COO, Commercial Business Unit, Salesforce

High-growth tech companies increasingly use inside sales to drive expansion. Get insights on this surging trend from LogMeIn's VP of Sales, Amy Appleyard.

Laura Fagan — Product Marketer, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

Inside Sales is a rapidly growing function in sales. Get tips on how to build a team culture that makes inside sales a high-performing part of your business.

Jonathan Hunt — SVP, Sales Development, Salesforce

When sales reps are too focused on the top of the funnel, it may be time to build a team of sales development representatives. Learn how to do it right.

Trish Bertuzzi — President and Chief Strategist, The Bridge Group

Too many salespeople suffer from having to discount the price to close the sale. We can talk all we want about the need to create value for the customer, but if...

Mark Hunter — CEO & Founder, The Sales Hunter

Established research has concluded that to achieve desired sales results, sales leaders must manage and motivate the activities that precede them.

Bob Marsh — Founder and CEO of LevelEleven

Whether you have a sales development team of five or 2,000, the challenge is always to boost productivity and create quality pipeline. Discover the sales develo...

Amrita Mohanty — Senior Manager, Sales Process and Technology, Salesforce

Discover how two converging forces are making dedicated sales development and pipeline generation positions the hottest jobs in sales right now.

Trish Bertuzzi — President & Chief Strategist of The Bridge Group

A career in sales can be equal parts exhilarating, rewarding, stressful, and lonely. And no one understands this better than salespeople themselves. Quotable su...


Leaving your best sales voicemail is critical for sales prospecting. Read why, if you're not doing it, you should be, and how you can get more callbacks.

John Barrows — Owner, J. Barrows LLC

Mobile is everywhere today. And now something that’s not so obvious: In many corporations, thinking hasn’t caught up with how much mobile has changed the way we...

Colleen Francis — Owner, Engage Selling Solutions

Salesforce hasn’t always had an inside sales team. Learn how they built and keep building a thriving inside sales team and organizational development system

Will Anastas — VP Worldwide Sales at Gladly, Inc.

Stop boring your customers. That's step one in unleashing the power of inside sales.

Hear the case for why Sales Development is the hottest — and most essential — role in sales right now.

Technology has revolutionized sales development but not the art of making a personal connection.

Learn the growing power of inside sales: what it is, why it matters, and how to do right, with best practices from McKinsey.

Prospecting is the most important thing to do in sales because when done right it solves all problems that might occur. Learn the keys to solid pipeline.

If you're educating the buyer successfully, he or she may not want to work with less experienced sales reps.

What's the hottest job in sales right now? Listen in as Trish Bertuzzi, shares why sales development is the hottest job in sales right now.




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