Discover lessons learned by a VP during her transition from sales to marketing, from listening to customers first to enabling sales to articulate value.

Lynne Zaledonis — SVP, Product Marketing, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

In sales, it’s important to always keep one's options open without being reckless. Discover when it's the right time to change jobs to further your career.

Tiffani Bova — Global Customer Growth & Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce

Marketing and sales alignment is about the customer. Social selling and integrated sales and marketing teams enable success in today’s business world.

Jill Rowley — Founder and Chief Evangelist, #SocialSelling

The Red Sox's VP of Sales and Service on how she introduced formal sales training to her team, the importance of a service mindset, and the key to managing a my...

Laura Fagan — Product Marketer, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

Better technology and access blur the traditional distinctions between B2B and B2C sales. In today’s marketplace, it’s a B2All (business-to-all) world.

Colleen Francis — Owner, Engage Selling Solutions

Switching to a new, unfamiliar industry in sales can be daunting and scary. Read some pro tips for making curiousity your guiding light.

Allyson Fryhoff — Senior Vice President of Sales and Chief Customer Officer,

Have you ever joined a new company only to soon realize that you’ve made a serious mistake? You’re not alone.

Beth Kaplan — Senior Director, Enablement - Global Strategic Programs & Onboarding, Salesforce

Creating trust and alignment with the key executives in our customer and prospective accounts is a critical component to closing business-to-business deals.

Stephanie Glenn — Vice President, Commercial Sales, Salesforce

Great salespeople have known, often instinctively, that stories, not facts, have the most powerful impact on how people feel, and stories can therefore pave the...

Cathy Salit — CEO of Performance of a Lifetime

Learn from the best. Sell like the best.