How to Plan the Ultimate Sales Kickoff


Sales Kickoffs can be an incredible tool - or they can fall incredibly flat in engaging and inspiring reps. Sales leaders, you know what we are talking about: those kickoffs that feels like a wall of meetings with limited interaction, inspiration, or lasting value. Fortunately, we've made it easy for you to plan an 'A' rated kickoff with best practices from Salesforce, customers, and thought leaders. These SKO's are impactful long after the sales reps fly home. Download the Sales Kickoff Kit to learn the features every sales leader should include in their best kickoff ever - you'll find a step-by-step guide and full-length videos with tips and tricks. Not sold yet? Check out a preview of the content below.




Great leaders inspire others, so it makes sense to weave in some inspiration during the kickoff for your sales teams. This is your chance to rally everyone together, set the stage, and help your teams to start off the year strong.

“Things might not look good at one particular moment, but stick to the process and you’ll be right where you need to be.”

Dave Martinez | Manager, Washington Nationals, MLB


Strategic Planning

A critical element of any successful sales kickoff is planning. While the point of a kickoff is to lay the foundation for the rest of your fiscal year — planning territories, ongoing enablement strategies, budgeting, and more – your sales strategy can make or break your business; it can be the difference between exceeding your numbers and falling short. So how can you ensure you’re setting yourself, your sales teams, and the broader company up for success?


In today’s world we have so much information you can predict whose going to be successful in your organization. We no longer need to rely on intuition.”

Ben Vonwiller | Partner, McKinsey & Company



In order to not only survive, but thrive, in our changing buyer/seller environment, your business must remain in constant evolution. It’s more important than ever to effectively enable your company’s most valuable asset, your sales teams, to keep up. After all, your sales teams are your frontline and they need to be equipped with the right knowledge to overcome today's biggest selling obstacles and continue driving growth.


We have to create a balance between targeted programs and large programs; between product enablement, selling skills, and customer acumen.”

Rachel Shaub | Director of Enablement, Salesforce


Future of Sales

In the wake of an awesome sales kickoff that has left your sales teams inspired and ready to crush their numbers, what's next? Strategic planning and enablement are more than just sales kickoff themes – they’re part of an ongoing effort. And all the work you put into this year's kickoff should continue to pay off for years to come. Want to learn how other enterprise companies are thinking about the future of their sales organizations? Check out the video below to hear sales leaders from PayPal, Engie, and Dell, as they discuss the evolution of their business.

The salesperson who’s going to win in the future is the one that is going to use technology better than the other seller.”

Tiffani Bova | Global, Customer Growth & Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce



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