New features

See what’s new with Financial Services Cloud. The Spring ’18 Release is here. Check out all our latest features.

Understand customer needs, accelerate data loads, and more with the world’s #1 CRM, reimagined for financial services.

Client Expressed Interests

Understand and act on customer needs faster than ever before.

Put customer needs at the center of every activity with Client Expressed Interests. Enhanced client profiles show all of a customer's expressed needs and the referrals created for those needs, while a new standard action streamlines the creation of referrals based on the customer's expressed interest with minimal rekeying of data. Referrals are now also linked to the customer profile, powering advanced reporting on referral activity.

Accelerated Data Loads

Accelerate speed to value with more data, uploaded in less time.

Get up and running with Financial Services Cloud faster with Accelerated Data Loads. Now, advisors and bankers can upload larger data volumes in a batch using the bulk API, or data loader for Financial Services Cloud objects like the Individual or Financial Accounts. You'll spend less time setting up data and more time strengthening client relationships.

Financial Services Cloud Admin Trail

Blaze your trail as a Financial Services Cloud admin.

Continue your learning journey with the first Financial Services Cloud trail for admins. Get to know Financial Services Cloud with how-to guides on customizations, detailed data model information, and more. With fun, interactive modules your entire admin organization can earn badges and become Financial Services Cloud experts in no time.