Get the most value out of Salesforce with new features for Customer 360 Platform.




Platform Encryption: Cache-Only Keys

Manage and store key material outside of Salesforce safely. Use the Cache-Only Key service to fetch your key material on demand.


Change Data Capture

Power real-time data synchronizations and business process orchestrations with Change Data Capture. This feature will deliver a high-fidelity, low-latency event stream of all record changes from your Salesforce org. Change Data Capture leverages the High Volume Platform Events infrastructure resulting in extreme scalability, common subscription APIs, and a 72-hour retention window.


High-Volume Platform Events

Give your team the tools to use high-scale, event-driven architecture by defining and managing events on the Customer 360 Platform. With High Volume Platform Events, you can power real-time integration and connectivity between systems and features, thus driving a connected user experience.


Salesforce Connect: External Change Data Capture

Get real-time, push-based polling with change detection. Change the refresh model for remote data changes from a pull-based polling model to an event-driven publish model based on actual changes to external data.


Login Discovery for My Domain

Provide a seamless user login for My Domain customers. Give your admins greater control over how users identify by letting customers log in to Salesforce using a registered phone number or email address.




Lightning Web Components

Get better app performance and improve developer productivity using Lightning Web Components, built for the Customer 360 Platform using common web standards like modern JavaScript (ES6+), HTML, and CSS.

Business User

Salesforce Mobile Publisher

Easily create apps, then embed business logic and intelligence for better performance. Salesforce Mobile Publisher lets you design custom mobile apps with prebuilt components, then seamlessly publish them to the iOS App Store or Google Play.

Business User

Lightning Flow Builder

Automate business process flows easily with our new low-code front-end technology. Drag-and-drop functionality improves design-process automation, and a simplified toolbox makes it easier than ever to find the process elements you’re looking for.


Lightning Experience Transition Assistant

Easily transition from Salesforce Classic to the Customer 360 Platform with step-by-step guidance, tools, and helpful resources.

Business User

Pop Out Utilities Windows

Multitasking has never been easier now that you can access all your favorite utilities on a single screen. They let you access all your utilities easily so everyone from service agents to Lightning Console users can see their apps and tools at the same time.

Developer Experience



Salesforce DX: Sandbox Cloning

Quickly and easily make a copy of existing sandboxes with all their metadata customizations and data. In the past, teams could only clone a production org, and create a sandbox copy. Now, sandbox cloning lets you create copies of an existing sandbox, giving you more flexibility.


Salesforce DX: Lighting Web Component Support for VS Code and the Salesforce CLI

Get updated primary Customer 360 Platform dev tools, including the Command Line Interface (CLI) and Visual Studio (VS) Code plug-ins, that fully support the new Lightning Web Component framework.


Salesforce DX: Replay Debugger

Simplify the development lifecycle for Salesforce Apex. Detect and fix bugs easily using the Apex Replay Debugger, which lets you step through and inspect your Apex execution through familiar debug logs and an intuitive user interface inside VS Code.


Heroku: Enterprise Accounts & Team Enhancements

Get enhanced support for single sign-on (SSO) and policy management. Make work more efficient with SSO support, now available as policy management for users within your Heroku Enterprise account.


Heroku: Version Control Systems Integration Enhancements

Get the most out of Heroku with more version control systems. Choose Heroku Flow for automated review apps, pipelines, and continuous integration. Or get expanded support by adding GitHub Enterprise and GitLab.

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