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Discover new features in the Summer ’17 Release.

Use predictive product sorting, enhanced mobile functionality, optimized order management, and more from the CRM you know and trust. 

Einstein Predictive Sort

Infuse personalized product assortments into the shopper journey.

Use customer data to deliver more tailored product sorts with Einstein Predictive Sort, decreasing the time customers spend looking for what they want and increasing conversion. With five simple clicks, merchandisers can turn Predictive Sort on for explicit searches (search via the search box), implicit searches (browsing in the storefront catalog), and enhanced search suggestions provided in Commerce Cloud Digital.

Order Management

Give consumers the choice to buy, fulfill, and service anywhere.

Reduce fulfillment shipping costs and accelerate delivery times with the powerful, optimizing algorithms in Commerce Cloud Order Management. As the hub for all order data, shared across Commerce Cloud Digital and Store, its simple customer service tools help agents manage all returns, exchanges, and updates — no matter where the order was placed.

Mobile-First Reference Architecture

Delight shoppers with experiences designed for the mobile web.

Leverage the latest UX best-practices, data-driven design, an enhanced set of mobile APIs, and the use of a new mobile framework to optimize the mobile shopping experience with Mobile-First Reference Architecture, an architectural blueprint for site design that’s designed for both merchants and mobile shoppers.

Commerce Cloud Reports and Dashboards

Leverage new reports and dashboards to make more informed decisions faster.

Make smarter business decisions by tracking revenue, performance, and promotion profitability with Commerce Cloud Reports and Dashboards. Get easy-to-use dashboards that help you understand co-buying trends and give robust insight across all digital channels for everything from top-selling products down to the SKU level.

Android Pay

Enable a frictionless checkout experience and convert mobile traffic into sales.

Streamline mobile commerce by delivering a fast and frictionless checkout process with Android Pay. Shoppers can make purchases with one touch, and take advantage of the high security of an Android Pay transaction. Android Pay is built directly into Business Manager, enabling merchants to get up and running quickly — without hours of development time.

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