Improve team productivity with new features for Quip.



Process Builder and Flow Builder for Quip

Deliver templated solutions with clicks not code. Build collaborative documents into your automated processes and deploy customized docs that auto-fill with relevant Salesforce meta data.

Business User

Quip Notifications Lightning Component

Work in Quip without ever leaving the Salesforce platform or any custom Lighting page. Simply embed the Quip Notifications Lightning component on your home page, and never miss a thing.

Business User

Quip for Service Cloud

Resolve cases faster with collaborative case swarming that centralizes your case data and team communications in an integrated, collaborative document experience.

Business User

Quip for Sales Cloud

Scale sales strategy with Quip Auto-fill templates. Create and pre-populate new Account Plans, Mutual Success Plans, QBR documents, and more with data from Salesforce.


Setup and User Management Enhancements

Make sharing data fast and easy. Connect both platforms to reduce onboarding time and user management, with features like bulk import of Salesforce users into Quip.

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