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Track your Facebook ad ROI, create alignment with Einstein Analytics visualizations, increase overall productivity, and more from the cloud you know and trust.

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Advertising Studio: Lead Analytics for Facebook

Track the ROI of your Facebook lead ads all the way to actual revenue.

Introducing the ability to measure the ROI of Facebook and Instagram campaigns all through the customer journey to actual revenue. Previously, advertisers could only measure lead generation ads up until the form fill. Connect Pardot and Sales Cloud to Advertising Studio to get a simple dashboard of how your ads perform on your key business metrics.

Mobile Studio: SMS Campaign Object Integration

Integrate your SMS marketing with sales, service, or community campaign data.

MobileConnect, our enterprise SMS platform, allows Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio users to send SMS messages to a campaign created in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Community Cloud. Grow your audience in just a few clicks to connect quickly to your on-the-go customers at scale.

Command Center: Einstein Analytics Visualization

Increase alignment within your company by displaying Einstein Analytics on your company’s command center.

Align your entire company to crucial data insights with the new Einstein Analytics screen for your command center. Launch any of your Einstein Analytics dashboards directly in the Command Center UI, so you can compare and display relevant data alongside email, social media, journeys, customer care, and sales data.

Salesforce DMP: Audience Discovery Reports

Find your total addressable market.

Now you can discover your total addressable market in one simple interface with Salesforce DMP: Audience Discovery Reports. Align your first-party data assets and all available second- and third-party data to see audience overlaps, discover which partners have key audiences, and view audience opportunities by data provider, category, and segment. Key reporting features include segment name, category, index score, overlap percentage, and price.

Email Studio: Content Sharing

Share content across teams and business units to increase productivity.

Content Sharing now allows Content Builder users to share content across teams and business units, increasing team productivity. Content Builder helps marketers create, edit, and manage content for Email Studio. Additional guardrails help ensure only great looking, on-brand content is delivered to customers.



Campaign Influence Attribution Models

Leverage out-of-the-box attribution models to measure campaign influence.

Leverage out-of-the-box attribution models to track the impact of your marketing campaigns. Easily understand which campaigns are building more pipeline or closing more deals.