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The Winter ’18 Release is here. Check out all our newest features.

Get your whole team focused and on the same page. Access your Quip docs from anywhere in Salesforce, post Quip docs in Chatter, and work with new Quip productivity features all on the world’s most collaborative CRM.

Salesforce File Integration

Search and access your Quip docs from anywhere in Salesforce through the file picker.

Use the Salesforce file picker to add files across the Salesforce Platform. Universal search makes it easy to discover and find Quip docs in one place and add them to your records. Lastly, the Quip component is new and improved, and can be placed anywhere on your Salesforce canvas.

Salesforce Chatter Integration

Broadcast Quip docs to your groups in Chatter.

Quip and Chatter were made for each other. Publicize Quip docs to your groups using the file picker integration or simply paste a link to a Quip doc, and Chatter will automatically unfurl the URL.

Text Highlights

Collaborate on Quip docs in living color with multicolor text highlights.

Write documents in living color with multicolor highlights — perfect for emphasizing important text, color-coding drafted content, or communicating the status of tasks.

Document Outline

Quickly navigate long-form Quip documents with a single click.

Give your teammates an easy way to navigate longer documents — project plans, product requirements, and knowledge base articles — with document outlines. Document outlines scan the headings in your document and automatically create a clickable table of contents so readers can quickly jump from section to section in your document.
Direct teammates to a specific part of any document or spreadsheet with an anchor link — a simple way to generate a shareable link for any line, spreadsheet cell, task, or image. When clicked, Quip will bring your teammate directly to the point of interest — ready to collaborate.