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Deliver faster service with new Lightning functionality, new portal templates, and Field Service Lightning features on the world’s #1 customer service platform.

Service Cloud


Macros in Lightning Experience

Close cases faster by eliminating repetitive tasks with a single click.

Equip agents with Macros to resolve issues faster. Agents can quickly perform multiple actions in a single click, saving time, and ensuring consistency and accuracy. New in Lightning Experience, the Macro Builder can be leveraged to quickly and easily create new macros to handle those pesky, repetitive tasks.

Omni-Channel Routing and Supervisor in Lightning Experience

Optimize agent performance in real time and put the right experts on every case.

With Omni-Channel Routing, now in Lightning Experience, companies can deliver smarter service by automatically routing work to the right agent, at the right time. And because omni-channel is embedded right within the console, agents have an in-context, seamless view of the customer across all channels. Agents can even route work from a third-party system. Plus, managers are empowered with automatic, live updates on agents, work and queues with Omni Supervisor.

Milestones in Lightning Experience

Help agents stay ahead of service-level agreements.

With Milestones, agents have an easy, visual representation of the time they have to perform tasks and respond to customers. Now, agents using the Lightning Service Console can keep a close eye on the time they have left to respond and meet service-level agreements for every customer.

Live Agent


Live Agent in Lightning Experience

Create a modern, productive agent experience for real-time chats with customers.

Give your agents an enhanced chat experience and a larger chat window with Live Agent in Lightning Experience, so they have more room to use the chat features they know and love. And with access to past chat transcripts, agents can have the context they need to resolve an issue for a repeat customer. Plus, by connecting each live chat with the complete customer profile, agents can move quickly using customer chat sneak peek, keyboard shortcuts, and prewritten messages.



Outbound conversations for Facebook Messenger

Initiate two-way conversations with any customer on Facebook Messenger.

Messaging companies is now as simple as messaging friends with LiveMessage. With the messaging channel in your contact center, your agents can easily initiate outbound conversations with customers on Facebook Messenger. Use workflow and triggers to send automated messages to make it easy for customers to reply on their terms.

Field Service Lightning


Android App

Get the offline-first Android app for your mobile workforce.

The new Field Service Lightning Android app is an offline-first, native Salesforce app to connect your entire workforce. Mobile employees are empowered with instant updates, knowledge on the go, offline workflow, and capabilities for managing inventory. They can update work orders and job statuses from anywhere. And it’s easy to customize and brand the experience for your organization.

Advanced Scheduling

Easily manage multiday jobs and schedule work across geographic areas.

With Field Service Lightning, streamline complex field work with the automatic scheduling and optimization engine for multiday work. Simply drag and drop to adjust the times needed, or define a geographical area, and schedule and dispatch work in bulk.

Multisignature Service Reports

Empower multiple stakeholders to sign off on completed work.

Now, mobile workers can easily capture multiple signatures from key stakeholders and view them in a single service report. Ensure every job is completed correctly the first time with sign-off from all those involved.

Personalized Mobile App Settings

Personalize the experience for every mobile worker.

With new capabilities for the Field Service Lightning mobile experience, companies can easily customize and deliver the right mobile experience to the right employees, depending on their user type. And you can customize the different experiences for each employee group in just a few clicks. When your app experience is personalized for your contractors and tailored for your technicians, they can each work better and faster.



Member Engagement

Find new ways to engage customers across portals and communities.

Deliver incredible service by supercharging your community engagement. Agents have Community 360 to get a full view of the customer and give great service. Use the Engagement Queue to target new members, MVPs, and more with relevant content. Members can use emojis to add fun and sentiment to conversations, and create streams to create personalized content feeds.

Customer Account Portal

Create a customer portal to deliver personalized, connected customer experiences.

Extend Salesforce to customers with an engaging, connected customer portal. Easily create a single place for customers to access their information and take action. Customers can log in to get a full view of their account, make changes, review updates, or kick off a process — like making an appointment, logging a ticket, or filing a claim.