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Lightning Web Components: Local Development

Accelerate Lightning Web Component development when you render components on your local machine. Build and test new components and see changes without needing to push them to your org.


Lightning Flow: Custom Property Editors

Manage Apex classes and leverage custom property editors for programmatic development in the new Lightning Flow UI.


Lightning Flow: System Mode

Enable edit access to user records that have been shared, but don’t have object-level or field-level access. Achieve this declaratively by setting your flows to run in system mode.


Lightning Flow: Before-Save Updates

Leverage Before-Save Updates with autolaunched flows to automatically and rapidly update a triggering record and eliminate the need for looping and recursion.

Business User

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Make your business instantly mobile, conversational, and smart. Deliver a unified experience for users across desktop and mobile, and create custom mobile experiences that increase productivity from anywhere.


Open Source Base Components.

Use open-source base components to build enterprise-grade UIs, with little or no coding involved. Add or modify functionality to make components your own.

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