Extend the power of the Customer 360 Platform to increase efficiency and drive growth.



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Salesforce CMS Enhancements

Create content and surface it throughout Salesforce. Add content to service portals on Community Cloud, landing pages in B2C Commerce, emails sent via Marketing Cloud, and much more.


Salesforce CMS for B2B Commerce

Enhance your B2B Commerce site with rich content built in Salesforce CMS. Create content declaratively with our builders or, with the language of your choice.


Salesforce Data Mask

Anonymize personally identifiable information in sandboxes to protect confidentiality and maintain regulatory compliance.


Platform Encryption Support for Platform Events

Store all of your High Volume Platform Events, encrypted at rest in the event bus, for the entire duration of the 72-hour event retention window.


Salesforce Identity: Support for Sign in with Apple

Offer your customers a secure way to register and sign in with Apple's new Sign in with Apple service.


Lightning Platform: API Enhancements

Enjoy higher default daily API limits and new, usage-based entitlements for REST and SOAP API requests, ensuring key operations are not interrupted.


Customer 360 Data Manager Enhancements

Get a deeper understanding of customer interactions across Commerce and Service Cloud with expanded Tableau CRM integration. Empower CRM end-users with insights linked through the Customer 360 ID.




Lightning Scheduler: Setup Assistant

Set up Lightning Scheduler with clearly outlined steps and checklists, all within a guided process.

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Lightning Scheduler: Unauthenticated Scheduling

Embed Lightning Scheduler in any website with the option for visitors to authenticate as a user, or just set up to a meeting without authenticating.

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Lightning Scheduler: Chronos Bot

View, reschedule, or cancel your Lightning Scheduler appointments using Chat or SMS.

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Customer Lifecycle Analytics

Get deeper, actionable insights with our prebuilt Tableau CRM App, specifically for Salesforce Surveys.

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Salesforce Surveys: Advanced Branching

Design complex surveys with ease using new streamlined branching flows.

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Salesforce Surveys: Image-Based Questions

Makes surveys more visually appealing by adding images to your questions.

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