Bring the benefits of complete AI-powered analytics to everyone.


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Einstein Discovery: Automated Story Creation

Create a story by selecting a dataset and Einstein will do the rest. AI quickly delivers the data insights you're looking for.

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Einstein Discovery: Live Model Monitoring

Keep tabs on multiple models deployed in your organization to ensure accuracy and receive alerts if any underperforming models are detected.

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Einstein Analytics in the new Salesforce mobile app

Get in-context insights right where you work, from embedded dashboards to accessing your data through Search, Favorites, and Chatter--now available in Salesforce for iOS and Android.


Data Platform Enhancements

Get improved query times and up to 5x faster processing speeds with our new distributed back end. Refresh datasets faster by running Dataflows in parallel. 

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Formula Enhancements

Formulas will now support using string values to create labels, buckets, and image URLs without having to write any SAQL

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Einstein Analytics for Financial Services Enhancements: Insurance

Extend a complete intelligence platform for financial services into insurance. Help agents and sales managers grow their business and understand their customers and policies.

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Einstein Analytics for Healthcare

Get predictions and recommendations with pre-built templates for providers and payers that will help make every patient and member interaction smarter and more personalized. 

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Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing

Use the complete intelligence platform for manufacturing on sales agreements and forecasting. Sales and business executives can better diagnose and take action to grow their relationships.

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