Connect commerce to service, marketing, and sales channels with a complete B2C and B2B platform--and watch your business grow.


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Page Designer

Build premium commerce experiences with clicks, instead of code. With drag-and-drop components, you can bring your ideas to market faster than ever. 


On-Demand Sandboxes

Bring up a copy of your site to deploy code, try new integrations, or rapidly apply new styles without impacting your production site.

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Einstein Product Recommendations Enhancements

Offer curated product sets based on previous customer behavior. Allow shoppers to complete an entire "look" when you display outfits on product pages and offer them recommendations.

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MuleSoft Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Jumpstart your commerce project with templates for common use cases like social marketplace or chatbots. Harness over 100 third-party apps and easily integrate the tools you need.


Customer 360 Data Admin Hub

Register multiple accounts to map data to the Salesforce Information Model. Create a 360 ID and reconciled customer profile, all on one secure, trusted hub.

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