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Transactional SMS Messaging

Allow customers to send and track transactional text messages, such as purchase confirmations, receipts, or financial alerts. 

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Journey Builder: In-App Messaging for Mobile Apps

Create and send messages to mobile app users through Journey Builder. Allow marketers to interact directly with their mobile audience to increase engagement and drive conversion.

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Journey Builder: Einstein Send Time Optimization

Use a Journey Builder activity to send emails to subscribers when they're most likely to open them. 

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Social Studio: Persona Dashboards

Create a persona insights dashboard to analyze social audiences and uncover data patterns. Base your audience analysis on social listening segments or Service Cloud contacts.

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Audience Studio Connector for Interaction Studio

Personalize content based on media exposure and activate audience segments for advertising. Take advantage of real-time data and make impactful marketing decisions on the fly.

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Datorama Marketplace

Unify and analyze all your marketing data via pre-packaged app solutions. In addition, developers can create custom apps for marketers to discover and use on the Datorama platform.

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Einstein Next Best Action Connector for Interaction Studio

Surface consumer recommendations for Sales, Service, or Financial Services Cloud. Determine the best experience across channels and devices with Interaction Studio.

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Distributed Marketing Enhancements

Use custom approvals to automatically vet outgoing messages for brand compliance. Send one-off emails, at scale, to specific groups of people. 

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