Bring trust and productivity--the core of all our products-to building and deploying apps in the cloud.



Real-Time Event Monitoring

Stream Salesforce events in real time that alert you to suspicious behavior. Build transaction security policies with the no-code condition builder and enhance them with APEX.


Customer 360 Data Manager

Register multiple accounts to map data to the Salesforce Information Model. Create a 360 ID and reconciled customer profile, all on one secure, trusted hub.


Managed Packages Enhancements

Let ISV Partners build, iterate, and distribute new business apps even faster with a source-driven packaging model that is API-ready and makes code sharing easier.


Heroku Enterprise Accounts

Manage security, usage, and entitlements across enterprise teams with new controls and tooling.


Identity Connect Enhancements

Get fast and easy user synchronization, at scale, between Microsoft Active Directory and Salesforce through an improved architecture and a new diagnositc-centric experience.

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