Power up your productivity with Quip for Customer 360.


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Salesforce Data Integration Enhancements

Make it easy for teams to discuss live data with embedded Salesforce Reports and List Views. Log calls in Quip and sync them back to Salesforce without leaving the Quip app.


Granular Permissions

Protect your data by providing the right level of access to the right people. Enjoy seamless access to standalone Quip docs or docs associated with specific Salesforce records    

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Einstein Analytics for Quip

Discuss insights, collaborate, and drive action faster than ever with the Einstein Analytics dashboards embedded in Quip. 

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Template Library Expansion

Use the expanded template library for use cases like Account Plans, Opportunity Notes, or Pricing Proposals. Auto-fill templates with Salesforce data to bypass copying and pasting. 

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Salesforce Record Linking

Move easily between Quip documents and their associated Salesforce records. Auto-fill notes from Quip into Salesforce. Connect Quip docs to Salesforce and navigate between the platforms.

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