How B2B Sales Teams Win with Digital Commerce

Exceed Buyer Expectations and Gain Data-Driven Insights

November 12, 2021. 13.5 MIN READ
Companies have been talking about putting the customer first for decades, and today’s business buyers are putting themselves first.
Technology has fundamentally changed what people expect from companies. If they can’t research, browse, and transact business wherever and whenever they want, better options are only a keystroke away.
B2B organizations are moving fast to keep up. In fact, 77% of sales leaders say their company’s digital transformation has accelerated since 2019.¹ This is even more important during a pandemic, when sales reps and buyers can't as easily meet face to face.
A Salesforce Research report shows that this challenging trend has hardened into a new reality for B2B companies. The majority (72%) of B2B buyers surveyed expect a similar experience on a B2B site as they get on a consumer website.² And successful business leaders are stepping up — almost all leaders at high-performing companies say that customer engagement is an absolutely essential part of their values.³

How B2B Sales Teams Win with Digital Commerce: Exceed Buyer Expectations and Gain Data-Driven Insights

See how high-performing sales teams are meeting customers where they are, exceeding expectations, and hitting their numbers by:

  • Using a single view of the customer to collaborate
  • Deploying self-service to free up time for selling
  • Adopting artificial intelligence to bolster performance

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