The Communications Service Provider’s Guide to Digital Commerce

How to dial up your commerce capability in the 5G era


October 2021

5 Minute Read

Lauren Wallace
Editorial Lead, Salesforce
Communications service providers (CSPs) are inherently innovators. With the advent of 5G technology, they are primed to tap new business models that extend the network across industries beyond what was possible before.
And digital commerce is fast becoming a primary driver of growth.
The pandemic was a wake-up call, forcing CSPs to take a hard look at their existing digital commerce capabilities. Sixty-four percent of CSPs invested more in commerce in 2020 than the prior year. Now, 90% of communications leaders are maintaining or growing their investment in digital experiences.
To keep a winner’s pace, CSPs must master the entire digital commerce experience.
This guide will show you how to take digital commerce to the next level in your organization.

Drive growth with digital commerce experiences

Unlock the rest of the guide and discover how to:

  • Keep up with digital commerce trends
  • Overcome common barriers to success
  • Prioritize capabilities and processes for digital transformation

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