How to Drive Efficient Growth in a Changing Transportation & Logistics Landscape

Lower costs and impress shippers when you centralize data in one shared platform


May 23, 2023. 5 min read


Bob Hitt

Industry Advisor for Transportation & Logistics, Salesforce

Usually, if you want to know the state of transportation and logistics (T&L), you can look at the state of the economy. In normal times, no other industry registers the ups and downs of our financial well-being quite like T&L. That’s just one reason why FedEx earnings are a reliable bellwether for the economy.

But these have not been normal times. During the pandemic, demand spiked and shipping containers lined port horizons. Anywhere you drove in America roadside signs advertised for truck drivers. After two years of going full-throttle, T&L now has to steer around inflation, the war in Ukraine, continued supply chain disruptions, looming recession, rising interest rates, higher fuel prices, and cautious consumers.

On top of all that, the industry has a staffing crisis to wrestle with. There is still a global shortage of warehouse and dock workers, drivers, pilots, and rail crews that will ripple through the entire industry for some time.

So how do you manage the ups and downs of the economy? Here is what successful transportation and logistics companies are doing to future proof themselves.

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How to Drive Efficient Growth in a Changing Transportation & Logistics Landscape

In this article you'll learn:
  • How you can lower costs and impress shippers when you centralize data
  • What you can do today to weather the storm of inflation, supply chain disruptions, and rising interest rates
  • How you can future proof your transportation & logsitics business

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