Grow Your Manufacturing Sales — the Digital Way

Take your sales process digital, prepare for the future of work, and boost your revenue.

Seventy-four percent of sales leaders in manufacturing say that digital transformation is accelerating for them, according to our latest State of Sales research. They’re investing in technology to do a very human thing — deepen relationships — and they’re growing as a result. Our manufacturing customers report an average of 34% ROI since implementing Salesforce, according to a 2020 survey of more than 3,000 customers around the world.

Watch the video below to learn how the top manufacturers are going digital-first. Then read a rundown below of how they’re using Salesforce to do it.

Transform your sales process one step at a time.

Digital transformation doesn't need to be disruptive. This is a journey you can take one step at a time. Start small and gain momentum as you go. Put it this way: “Crawl, walk, run.”

Let’s look at how this approach applies to the best of what Sales Cloud has to offer: skilling up your people, speeding up your revenue, and scaling up your processes.

Skill up your people.

Prepare for the future of work and give your people the right tools to succeed.

First: Unify all of your sales activities on a single platform.

Building the next generation workforce depends on capturing more human knowledge in digital places, so you can put that knowledge to work. Bring in tools that let you boost productivity at every step of the sales cycle.

Then: Base your coaching in data, and become the leader your sales team needs.

Adapt to remote collaboration and coaching with the tools that help you inspire your team and ignite your sales. Use conversational intelligence to gain insights from sales calls, and coach your reps to get even better.

Finally: Use AI to help your reps prioritize and sell smarter, faster — and more.

Humans are good at a lot of things. Making sense of a mountain of leads is not one of them. Use machine learning to highlight the leads and opportunities that are the most likely to close, so sales reps can prioritize their work. Then, identify the best practices that make reps sell more, and put them into motion faster than ever.

Armstrong Steel uses intelligent call coaching to focus on key call moments and make sales more agile.



increase in saved revenue



daily hours saved tracking call recordings



fewer mistakes made during quoting

Be the leader your sales team needs. Inspire your team, ignite your sales, and help all your reps meet their full potential. Here’s how we can help you skill up your people faster than ever.

Speed up your revenue.

Open up new revenue streams and new routes to market.

First: Build one single view of the customer, and give all your teams access.

Connect your sales process to customer relationship management (CRM), so everyone in the business can rally behind the same customer data. When you put the customer at the center of everything you do, you can focus on deepening relationships, improving experiences, and propelling steady growth.

Then: Transform the buying experience.

Fragmented customer buying experiences will frustrate your customers and stall innovation. Buying is so important that we’ve even called buying the new selling. To transform what buying means, connect and personalize touchpoints across the buyer journey, including quoting and billing.

Finally Understand what your customers want, and go to market with new offerings that match.

Connect the front office with the back office, so you can capture customer insights from across the entire lifecycle, including transactional insights and insights from external data sources like your ERP. Then, drawing on these insights, take the flexible platform that’s in your hands, and seize the market with new offerings and revenue models that respond to customer desire.

Saint-Gobain uses Salesforce to close deals faster.



decrease in days to close



increase in quote value



accelerated time to close

Fine-tune your revenue performance and sell into the future. Sales and finance need to work together to create better buying experiences and more predictable revenue. Learn how we can help you take control of revenue growth, across every channel.

Scale up your processes.

Make more decisions based on real-time data from your channels, products, and customers.

First: Gather your data in one place.

Manufacturers struggle when data is spread out across multiple systems — not just internal data sources, but also external sources like your ERP. Integrate, cleanse, and visualize your sales data across every system: This is step one.

Then: Accelerate decision-making.

Clean and healthy data gives you solid ground — you can only manage what you understand. Analyze the performance of your products and channels to continuously refine your sales process and find every opportunity to grow your revenue.

Finally: Use advanced analytics to drive predictable revenue.

With your data and your systems on one common operating platform, now you’re ready for the fun stuff. Use machine learning to predict your forecasts. Use analytics to connect with the right buyers who are ready for the next step. And use advanced software to take your territory planning out of spreadsheets once and for all.

De Nora Water Technologies used AI and dashboard visualizations to get products where they were needed — despite the pandemic.



increase in partner performance



opportunities compared to 2019



reduction in sales cycle length

Drive sales excellence to close more deals. Sales leaders and sales ops need visibility into the customer and the business to make data-driven decisions every step of the way. Read our brief on how to scale up your processes.

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