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The medical technology industry has always embraced innovation. However, the business landscape now requires them to do more with less. That’s where an integrated healthcare platform comes in.

To serve healthcare systems, providers, and patients with personalized interactions and product visibility, medtech organizations must cultivate a 360-degree view of their business and customers. Connecting existing information and systems unlocks efficiencies, reduces revenue leakage, and ultimately, drives commercial success.


30% of sales reps time can be freed up by technology and can be invested in further, personalized lead generation. 

Source: Frey, 2021

From sales agreements and account-based forecasting, to managing visits and inventory, to streamlining patient programs, an integrated platform can streamline operations across research and development, manufacturing, supply chain, and commerce.
Technology solves pain points across the pharmaceutical industry by:


It is hard for medtech sales reps to balance productivity with the need to cater to customers' preferred communications preferences while relying on legacy systems that don't always have the capability to easily switch from channel to channel.


Implementing an integrated healthcare platform allows sales reps to deliver connected, personalized experiences from anywhere. Whether in-person or virtually, reps are empowered to deliver the right product at the right time, through any channel.


Many medtech companies rely on multiple technology systems that don’t have the ability to work together. Navigating them takes time away from the business and lowers productivity.


An integrated healthcare platform consolidates technology by unifying existing solutions and teams across the product life cycle to streamline operations, intelligently forecast demand, and reduce missed revenue opportunities.


Medtech sales reps face a lot of manual back-end work to understand their customers and often lack real-time visibility into sales opportunities.


With an integrated healthcare platform, sales reps can incorporate real-time customer purchase history and inventory into their workflows. Furthermore, the actionable insights, predictive prospecting, and buying signals garnered through AI and automation help sales reps close more business.


Patients and providers expect faster, more personalized interactions, but compliance concerns drive medtech companies to store data across silos, preventing a complete view of each customer.


An integrated healthcare platform enables a 360-degree view of the customer, giving teams real-time visibility into customer needs. Pairing the sales process with data-driven insights and automation allows sellers to engage with customers in a more efficient, compliant, and personalized way.
Learn how to build transparency and predictability into your business with the technology playbook for medtech.

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