How Digitally Enabled Healthcare Can Give Patients the Experiences They Expect

Deliver on patient expectations with a healthcare technology platform that lets you innovate, collaborate, and engage from anywhere
NOV 10, 2021. 7.5 MIN READ
The new norm for healthcare includes access to providers from anywhere and integrated medical information that creates a comprehensive view of the patient. During a year where trust dipped in nearly every industry sector, healthcare providers have had to make sweeping changes to earn or maintain patient trust and deliver on their skyrocketing expectations. According to Salesforce’s 2021 Connected Health Consumer Report, only 23% of consumers completely trust the health industry.
23% of consumers completely trust the health industry

Organizations that personalize services in response to an individual’s medical and nonmedical health factors are met with increased consumer trust. For example, Salesforce’s research found that compared to providers with lower consumer trust, trusted providers are twice as likely to ask patients about nonmedical needs impacting health. This indicates that to continue building trust, it’s important for health organizations to gain a holistic understanding of the consumers they serve.

To keep up, providers recognize that the future of healthcare centers on putting data to efficient use. It starts with the right digital tools and healthcare technology to meet growing patient expectations for instant access and great experiences. This guide will show you how a customer relationship management (CRM) platform is central to success.

Discover why the following strategies are important, and how CRM platforms can help you achieve them:

  • Help care providers turn information into action
  • Personalize every patient interaction
  • Help healthcare workers help patients


The Customer Experience in Healthcare: New Journeys Ahead


Scale Care Anywhere with Complete Digital Engagement Solutions


See how you can lower costs and create a better patient experience.

Find out how healthcare technology enables:
  • A single view of relevant information about patients, their conditions, and care
  • Empowered provider teams delivering exactly what patients need
  • Smoother healthcare operations which create IT savings and personalized experiences for patients

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