Salesforce helps Humu make work better for everyone.

Humu is a high-growth startup focused on making work better for everyone, everywhere — with behavioral science, machine learning, love, and some help from Salesforce Essentials. The company’s software platform empowers leaders to turn company-wide strategies and initiatives into action by providing personalized guidance to employees at scale.

Salesforce Essentials helps Humu measure its own work, focusing on ways to improve sales, service, and the customer experience.

  • Humu’s platform helps companies turn their values into actions that each employee—no matter their role or level—can consistently take.
  • Humu uses science and data to make it easy for leaders to increase organizational agility, empower and retain people, and improve manager and team performance.
  • Laszlo Bock, former SVP of People Operations at Google, founded Humu in 2017
Discover how Humu empowers teams by helping managers and employees make collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity a daily practice.
Table of Contents:

1. Build close relationships with your customers.

Humu’s secret sauce isn’t purely science. It relies on both data and its unique understanding of people and workplace management to deliver value. Humu thinks of its customers as partners, and prioritizes building close relationships to better understand how its clients work with their own employees.

It’s essential, then, that Humu is able to closely manage each client relationship. Also essential? An easy-to-use, scalable platform to handle its customer relationship needs.

“In our first year, we were managing deals in a spreadsheet,” said Sara La Torre, Head of Strategic Accounts and Partnerships. “It had become very manual and very tedious.” Humu wanted a best-in-class CRM tailored for small teams that could also scale as the company grew. Salesforce Essentials fit the bill.

Salesforce Essentials gives us everything we need — and nothing we don’t.”

Laszlo Bock | Co-Founder & CEO, Humu

2. Give your teams a user-friendly platform.

Humu’s nimble team works fast. They appreciated the familiar, user-friendly interface of Salesforce Essentials, which helped them get up and running in minutes. “The interface is easy for even our newer team members to start using with minimal training,” said Laszlo Bock, Co-Founder and CEO.

Part of the power of Essential lies in its integration with familiar business tools, including Gmail and Google Drive, and support for scores of third-party apps available on the Salesforce Platform. Humu team members learned to extend the capabilities of Essentials quickly, aided by the free, self-paced tutorials available on Trailhead. “We definitely have adopted a young, scrappy, and hungry mindset,” Bock said.

3. Track and analyze user feedback.

Humu collects user feedback on every feature it releases or updates, all in an effort to create the best possible experience for its customers. The flexibility of Essentials makes it easy for Humu to track feedback to improve the product and prioritize features in its roadmap.

With early adopters trying its software for the first time, keeping a pulse on customer data was crucial to the early stages of Humu’s business. Essentials brought all of that data to the team’s mobile devices. Salesforce Inbox with Einstein Activity Capture took the mobile experience a step further, surfacing key information from Gmail to keep the sales team fully informed with every customer response.

“We’ve been able to keep close tabs on our first round of sales cycles, tracking what works and what needs to be improved along every step,” La Torre said.

That’s the kind of data-driven approach we can take because of Salesforce Essentials.”

Sara La Torre | Head of Strategic Accounts and Partnerships, Humu


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