How small business ICS+ experienced big wins in productivity.

ICS+ builds customized automation control systems, specializing in audio and video solutions for commercial properties. “It’s like creating a universal remote for a building,” said Stephanie Morgan, VP and Co-Founder. ICS+ has grown as demand for custom audio and video installations in commercial properties has increased.
Company email traffic was reduced by 20%.
Sales efficiency increased by 25%.
ICS+ has seen a 942% return on investment on Salesforce to date.
  • ICS+ clients include hospitals, hotels, airports, educational institutions, and large residential estates.
  • Although ICS+ has six employees, it creates custom solutions for more than 100 clients every year.

Learn more about the steps ICS+ took to slash manual tasks and give time back to all of its employees.
Table of Contents:

1. Focus your team on a single source of truth.

Although ICS+ had been using both enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) tools, most of its project management and custom billing was handled manually or in spreadsheets.

Having information spread across so many platforms made it difficult for the ICS+ team to have a complete view of project status across its client base. In turn, keeping up with so many moving pieces became a drain on employee productivity across sales, project management, and accounting. Plus, the cost of subscribing to multiple business technology products was adding up.

ICS+ left its hodgepodge collection of business technologies behind, moving to a streamlined solution centered around Salesforce and Salesforce Anywhere. Straightaway, Salesforce gave ICS+ a sole repository for client and project information, easily accessible to anyone on the team who needed it.

Thanks to more timely and accurate project management data within Salesforce, ICS+ can invoice and collect from customers faster, shortening its accounts receivables cycle by 15 days.

2. Maximize collaboration and productivity.

Before Salesforce, ICS+ employee collaboration and information-sharing on projects took place largely through email. Between client communications and internal collaboration, employee inboxes were in a constant state of overflow.

Enter Salesforce Anywhere, Salesforce’s collaborative productivity platform. ICS+ adopted Salesforce Anywhere internally and provided clients with access to relevant documents on the platform.The built-in, real-time communications features helped reduce company email traffic by an average of 20%, while capturing precise details within one system of record.

​​“Our productivity has skyrocketed with Salesforce since we can communicate with Chatter and collaborate on Salesforce Anywhere,” said Bernard Morgan, CEO and President. He cited his team’s ability to work faster as the primary reason for the whopping 942% return on investment that ICS+ has seen on Salesforce to date.


Understanding what the client likes and dislikes helps us know what to do. Salesforce helps us put all of that information together so we can act on it.”

Bernard Morgan | CEO and President, ICS+

3. Identify and pursue the best leads.

Sales efficiency has increased by about 25% since the business adopted Salesforce. “We can achieve the same results with less effort, fewer things slipping through the cracks, more timeliness, and overall better service and connection with our clients,” Bernard Morgan said. Tracking opportunities within Salesforce helps ICS+ be more selective about the opportunities it wants to pursue and to close more deals.

Faster access to working capital, increased sales, and a near-tenfold ROI? Sounds like a big win for this forward-thinking small business.


Salesforce has a place for us to put all of those details. Employees can make decisions on their own because of Salesforce.”

Stephanie Morgan | VP & Co-founder, ICS+


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