How to Improve Sales When Business is Slow

Improving sales is one of the biggest challenges small businesses face. Whether you’re lacking in leads or you’re struggling to connect with buyers, low sales can be stressful, to say the least. It’s especially frustrating when you believe in your products and services—and know they can make a difference.

When your small business sales are slow, adopting new skills and strategies can help you win more leads. Here are three proven ways to reinvigorate your approach to selling and close more deals.

Create an Irresistible Offer

Your business can’t thrive without closing leads. So why would your customer thrive without buying your product? Improving your sales requires that you make your product irresistible. Customers shouldn’t be able to imagine their life without the product or service you sell.

According to author and Simpleology CEO Mark Joyner, an irresistible offer is composed of three elements: high return on investment (ROI), a touchstone, and believability. A high ROI is important because customers need to feel like what they’re getting in exchange for their money is more than it’s worth. This doesn’t just mean lowering the price; it means ensuring that your product offers an immense amount of real-world value (and, usually, more than what it’s worth).

Next, a touchstone is a message that clearly and succinctly communicates what you’re selling, the cost, how the customer can benefit, and why they should trust you. Lastly, believability is the idea that your customer is convinced of the projected ROI and value you claim to offer.

Believability can be fostered through 5-star reviews and other instances of product satisfaction. To create an irresistible product, consider the following questions:

  • How can you improve your product ROI for customers?
  • Can you add something to your offering to create more value?
  • How can you reframe your marketing messaging to create a punchy, effective touchstone?
  • Do you have a new product or service that needs a new touchstone?
  • What can you do to prove your product’s effectiveness?
  • Do you have reviews or customer stories that can lend credibility to your offering?

Learning how to make your product irresistible is essential for improving sales both now and in the future.

Tell Stronger Stories

Storytelling is crucial for creating emotional connections and closing warm leads. Yet, many small business owners don’t understand the importance of storytelling—or how to use it as leverage when talking to prospects.

Any small business struggling with sales should reevaluate their storytelling strategy. Chances are, there are myriad opportunities to reassess the story you tell to create stronger, more meaningful connections.

So what does it take to tell a powerful story? As business storytelling expert Jordan Bower puts it, “Storytelling is the process of infusing information with emotion in order to create meaning for a particular audience.”

Bower believes that business owners must reflect on their storytelling skills each time they sell a new product (or reevaluate an existing sales strategy). Strong storytelling starts with asking important questions about your product and what it means, including:

  • What storytelling elements can connect you with your audience on a deeper level?
  • What information is important in this story, and what’s the best way to deliver it?
  • How can you infuse that information with emotion, and which emotions matter most?

Reevaluating your storytelling skills is an effective way to create meaningful connections with your audience and increase your ability to sell.

Leverage Your Network for Social Proof

Word-of-mouth marketing is a time-tested strategy for establishing trust with your customers. Yet as more businesses shift their model to digital formats, social media has become the most effective way for users to share their experiences with a customer.

The core reason why social proof is so effective is that it gives prospects a genuine reason to trust your business and your product. Customer reviews and user-generated social media content address specific pain points that your potential buyers are feeling.

Most importantly, the need to have and do what our friends are doing is an ingrained psychological pattern, explains NP Digital co-founder Neil Patel. “User-generated content lets you shine a spotlight on your customers’ good experiences with your brand, which then piques shoppers’ interest and influences their behavior throughout the buyer journey.”

In other words, social proof makes using your product a societal norm so that everybody wants in. Use the following three strategies to leverage social proof for stronger sales:

  • Make it easy for customers to leave you a review. Link to your Google Business page or other review sites in a follow-up email after a purchase, and offer customers a discount or perk in exchange for leaving a review.
  • Use social proof in lead nurturing by showcasing reviews to warm leads. In addition to sharing digitally, tell the stories of your happy customers when speaking with prospects on the phone or in-person.
  • Use automation tools. Set up alerts so that you always know when you’re getting a review and when customers tag you on social media. Also, generate automatic emails to share (and ask for) social proof at appropriate times during the lead nurturing process.

Tapping into the power of social proof is an extremely affordable and effective way to close more sales.

Improve Small Business Sales Today

Boosting your sales numbers can feel like a giant task, especially when you don’t know where to start. However, honing new skills in the proper areas can ensure that your precious time and energies are leveraged to yield results.


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